Friday, April 12, 2019

Captain A, and Friendship

I know, it's been a while.   Heck, I even forgot how Blogger works it's been so long.  This is just a short message to update this dusty old blog, and shoo away a few cob webs.  The above video is by a knowledgeable fellow who goes by the name of Arlen Schumer.  He's the type guy I enjoy listening to as his knowledge and enthusiasm shows thru his presentation, which in turn, gets me involved and interested all over again in what he's talking about.  This time being, Captain America and one or more of the artist working on that character, Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko.  He shows panel designs which helps illustrate their work and what he's also talking about.  A really good lecture.

Updates on what's been happening around here lately.   Well basically the same old same.  I read, watch movies, listen to music, go out, make lunch, actually I enjoy cooking from time to time.  Also throw into the mix, I try and work out some, and would like to go to the gym more often or on a regular basis.  Spring is coming on strong here, and that means yard work too, among other outdoor household chores.  So I stay busy.

I'll dedicate this update to a friend of mine that was really into comics who died right before I moved from West Texas in 2010 to the Eastern part.  He was a really bright, open-minded fellow that loved comics, his dogs, was married, but having trouble and going thru a divorce.  He also like detective and crime fiction a lot.  He also like working out, and feeling good.  So while he was alive, he was great fun to be around along with some of my other friend back in those days, who also used to be friends with Dave.   Since he was having health problems and the due to his recent divorce, he ended up killing himself with a knife to the heart.  I guess his heart was so wounded, he just felt that was apropos.  It brings up all sorts of discourse however, for one, I'd be all for euthanasia or assisted suicide.  I believe they have something like that in Colorado now--a very progressive state imo.   At any rate I remember one of the last times I saw Dave he mentioned something to the fact that his cancer was coming back and he didn't want to live with a colostomy bag.  Trying to cheer him up, I mentioned that the talk show host, Sally Jessy Raphael, wore one and continued to have an active lifestyle.  But he would have none of that.  He said, it just wasn't for him.  I didn't read much into his comments beyond the surface, and since I was still working, got busy with my own life.  Life goes on for the living.

He didn't commit suicide right after that, but did not too long afterwards.  I guess suicide is always somewhat of a shock, and we are left wondering why.  But I just thought with his cancer reoccurring, his marriage breaking up, and truthfully it was pretty rocky before then--he got depressed, and he had a few other things in his life to add to that mix.  I miss him a lot though, and understand why he felt it was the best way out for himself.  But while he was around, he was a great, fun friend.    That's him below in a happier moment.


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