Friday, December 01, 2017

So I Got Nothing Better to Do, Right?

So I tried linking my bank that I use in town to my 401k account.  There was some business I needed to do so I thought I better do that.  I know I should be grateful that I even have a 401k account, but it wasn't working.  I get frustrated pretty quickly over stuff like that.  A.)  I'm not not Steve Jobs when it comes to computers.  I can do quite a bit with the computer particularly since I'm an old fart, but some things I tend to second guess myself about.  So when I couldn't get online with my bank I was wondering what was going on.   I looked around to make sure I had my password correctly and that I was putting in the correct email and user name.  I ended up calling the bank here locally, and of course, ever so often you'll get someone that will talk to you like you're a complete idiot.  But she said, she can't help me with a  password, and goes on to tell me how to go about getting a new password.  Huh, okay.   I go back and try that to no avail.

I then call the 800 number to get someone outside our local yokel town parish of Numbnuts, America.   The lady there was more helpful, but told me if I haven't used my online account within the past year, I was probably kicked off.  I told her I believe I had used it within the past year, and she for whatever reason, disregarded my remark.  She went on to tell me, well, you'll have to get a new password and online account with us.   I asked if  I can do that online.  She replies, no sir, you have to go down to the bank for that.  Sheesh.

In the first place I believe I have been online in the past year, I know I have.   Now about all I did was look at my account, but also I believe I had set up a link to transfer some money thru that account as well.  I smell a rat, and it's known as corporate America.   In other words, whether I've been online or not (and I think I was) they are going to lie to me or not even acknowledge me, and tell me I gotta go downtown to redo, what should not have been undone.   Even then, what kind of rinky-dink bank makes someone actually go down in person for what should a been something you could just do online?  It just didn't make any sense to me one iota.    Of course the other thing being:  If I had not been online in say a year,  why the heck would they just kick me off?   I mean, don't banks want to keep their customers happy anymore, or is that just some bygone era thing?

So I get in the car and go down and re-establish my account again.  Believe me I got real unnerved when the teller that was helping after getting my driver's license said, "I can't seem to find your account with us."  My mind was turning over, okay what now?  I'm pretty easy going by nature, but stuff like this rattles my cage...

Anyway as long as I was out, I ran a few errands.  I went by the store and a few other places, and then once I got hungry again headed home.  Hopefully, no more glitches. 

Anyway tonight I watched some tube and ran across this series on Roku called Mark Hammill's Pop Culture Quest, which are pretty nerdy, but also interesting.  You can watch them here. 


At 5:25 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

Even a standard checking account goes dormant if you don’t use it regularly -- and, yeah, they don't count looking up your balance as use. I have a checking account in a bank that used to have a local branch but closed it a few years ago. Accordingly, I don’t use that account much anymore; it’s just too inconvenient to drive so far to make deposits and such. So, the account went dormant on me once. While it was no big deal to reactivate it, I’m glad I didn’t write a check against it while it was dormant. Come to think of it, I should drive to the closest branch someday and close out the account; there is very little in it anymore, which is why I haven’t yet done it.

I understand how hard it can be for support workers to work the phones all day, but being rude to customers really doesn't make it any easier for anyone. Some folks just aren't cut out for that job.

At 8:13 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Hum, well, I do use that account quite often--mostly I use their ATM machine. I think it all comes down to they recently merged with another bank or savings in loan (I forget their name). But they got a new logo, and refurbished the main bank towards downtown. I also noticed on my last statement they are starting to charge for the paper statement (I'm guessing they don't for e-statement). So this is part of that revamping, even though they didn't tell their customers what their plans were, maybe. I'm not really 100% positive about that, but that's my guess.

Believe me this town can be pretty old fashion if not regressive (I used to say retarded, but I think some people get upset at that word). At any rate, when I moved here it was a dry town (didn't sell beer or liquor). They still don't sell liquor. They didn't even have a classic rock station anywhere around that played Zepplin, or whatever. Their "golden oldies" station played music from the 40s era, Benny Goodman, that sort of thing. Now I can listen to that music and do when in the mood, but I think you get the point. :)


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