Tuesday, March 07, 2017


HI-YAH! is the sound of mayhem – of flying fists and roundhouse kicks, ninja stars and fighting sticks.  Cowboy Bebop isn't exactly that way, although it can be kinetic, and neither is its sister anime, Samurai Champloo.  Although they create these interesting impressions with some pretty gorgeous art too boot.  Cowboy Bebop also is a noted anime for injecting quite a bit of jazz into their mix.  A friend of mine last night gave me a link to an interesting mix of, I think it's triphop or hiphop.  I don't know, but it has a nice vibe, and pretty mellow so you can do task while listening to it.  Check it out.
There some other mixes over there on YT if you follow the above video.  The one I was listening to last night, but for whatever reason I can't find, can be found here.  There are some other parts as well, if you want o hear even more.  


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

The title always induces me to assign jobs to styles by free association, e.g. stervedore ska, spongediver rag, goat-herder swing, pole-dancer polka, etc.

At 10:29 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Pole-dancer polka sounds like a song Weird Al might try or Brave Combo (a band out of Denton, Tx). But yeah, titles are fun. I usually don't have much mental block when it comes to titles whether it's representative of the said item or not. I see a lot of art work that's untitled, and I wonder if the artist couldn't come up with a title, or just decided why bother.

Saw Weird Al the other night. He was on a cable program, and I'm forgetting which one, but Tom Green was the host who used to be on MTV. I never cared for Green then, but he was more toned down, which helped. I guess both he and Al may have been friends, but they worked well together. Al was promoting a new album. He majored in architecture, which is odd given his profession. Glad he's still around, and making me laugh. I think Al needs to do a duo album with other famous musicians--might be fun and different.


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