Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Expanse, Lynch, and Star Wars

Yesterday I got out and finally, finally made it to the gym.  It always feels pretty good afterwards, both mentally and physically.  I wish I could be more habitual about it, and it's something I've been striving to do for no other reason than just to feel good.  But if I can lose a few pounds that's a plus.  When I got home I made supper, and waited for The Expanse to show later.  I'll never understand the Syfy Channel.  The people running it aren't very insightful  most of the time.  I'm not sure when there was this turnaround, but they had a good thing going when they first started up back in the 80s, and it's like they got new CEOs or managers and their forward thinking went out the window.

They pretty much have a hit show going with The Expanse, and I think I like this season better than the first season.  Some of that might be due to I already know most of the main characters this season, the main premise of the show,  so now they just have to do is build stories around them.  This season they've discovered *SPOILERS* something called a protomolecule--I started to say protoculture (Robotech).   I don't think I'm giving away too much just by mentioning that.  I won't spoil it any further.    At any rate, I think they should mimic what AMC does with their hit show, The Walking Dead, and repeat it on the same night as well.  That's not that big a deal, but they could re-boadcast it more than what they do.

During tonight episode there were a few things I was curious about and I thought, this show could really use something else like The Walking Dead, and that's the Talking Dead that follows afterwards.  They could call it The Talking Expanse (or something similar), and use it to talk about some of the things that went on during that episode that may escape the fan's knowledge about the nuts and bolts of the show.  They could even have SF authors, scientist or whoever on to talk about different aspects of the show, etc.  It would really appeal to fans of the show.  Something like that should be very inexpensive to produce I would think and help promote it as well.  It's basically a talk show, and people are sitting around on a sofa talking.

While on the topic I don't know what they don't bring back SciFi Buzz.  That used to be a showcase for up and coming things in the world of SF, horror, and fantasy.  They talked about new conventions  happening around the country, new SF books and authors, gaming, artwork and props used on different shows, etc.  It was kind of set up like a format similar to the old Starlog magazines.  I always looked forward to those little thirty minute programs.  Surely those can't be that expensive to produce either.  Sure would beat Sharknado. 

Tonight's episode of The Expanse, Home, showed the crew of the Rocinante  going into something like a hyper drive to catch a large asteroid (Eros), and before they go full throttle, they were injected with some form of fluid to (I'm guessing) aid against the thrust of gravity against their bodies as they shot thru space.  That was just one of the things that didn't make sense to me.  At any rate Home was a pretty good episode.

So The Expanse has been pretty good this season.  I hope they can continue the show.  Also today, I ran across an interview with David Lynch over on the Film Threat site.  They have a new Twin Peaks series, and to be honest I've not heard much about it.  I assume it's on another paid network, so I won't be able to watch it until it's on DVD anyway.  At any rate, here's that interview.  

I ran across a couple of really cool Star Wars documentaries yesterday as well.  They play out like the regular movies do, but they inject dialogue over them, and insert special effect into the movie as well, so you get a real feel for how some of the scenes were created.  Jamie Benning has created the ultimate documentaries for the original Star Wars Movies.  Unfortunately most people have never seen these films.  Each documentary follows the action and running time of each film.

Rather than post the movies here, I'll just provide a link (which is easier for me).   If you're a Star Wars fan you ought to give them a go.  Perhaps they've been around for a while, but I didn't know anything about them.

Star Wars (1977) Documentary (2:19:13)
Star Wars Begins (2011)

The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Documentary (2:16:49)
Building Empire (2006)

Return of the Jedi (1983) Documentary (2:28:11)
Returning to Jedi (2007)


At 8:15 AM, Blogger Roman J. Martel said...

I need to check out "The Expanse" it sounds like a solid show. I'm glad to hear it got a second season.

Yeah the "Twin Peaks" project has been circulating for a while. At one point Lynch left the project, but then came back. I'm not sure what to think. Part of me is ready for a show that is nothing like the original. Lynch has evolved a bit from the man who made that television series back in the 80s. His later work like "Inland Empire" and "Mulholland Drive" are very different from "Twin Peaks". And he got into all that mediation stuff in the 00s. So I'm not sure what kind of show we'll get. But I'm a fan of his, so I'm sure I'll check it out.

I never heard of those SW shows. Thanks for bringing them up.

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

With the TV market fractured the way it is – and with on-demand viewing increasingly crowding out traditional programming – managing something like the syfy channel must be difficult. From the outside it seems logical to stick with the channel’s supposed raison d'être and program scifi. I don’t know why they instead wander off-genre more often than not, but there must be some kind of market research behind the decision. That doesn’t make it the right decision, of course.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Roman: The Expanse has grown on me. I found it a bit off putting at first. I started to say at first it felt too slow unfolding, but at the same time it moved too fast. Weird, I know. Since I've not read The Expanse books, I felt like I was missing something, and it was trying too hard to be cerebral. But over time it has grown on me or I just go with the flow knowing unless I read the book I'm probably missing something. I think that would have been a good reason to have that that after show Talking Expanse or something like it. But now I'll give it to it for being a bit more cerebral.

I generally like Lynch too. I enjoyed Mulholland Drive, but haven't seen Inland Empire yet. He's still not going to be to everyone's taste, and I think he probably is fine with that. I watched a Tom Waits bio the other night, and I feel he's in that same category. He's one of those artist that not everyone's going to like or even give much time too. They operate in their own world and progress, but buck trends and do their own thing. But I think if you're in the mood for something different stuff like that works well.

At 9:26 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Richard: yeah, it's hard to say from an outsider's point of view. I'd agree with you though. You'd think there's some kind of market research done every quarter or during the year to see how much audience they pull it. I remember when the Syfy channel started showing wrestling (which I don't care for at all). It seems like such an oddball thing for them to air, however, I saw that it boosted their ratings.

However, I've noticed that the Me Channel has started airing older SF programs on Saturday nights like Time Tunnel, The Incredible Hulk, Lost in Space, etc. So I'm guessing there's still a market out there. Granted it probably helps to mix things up from time to time.


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