Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How Ya Been?

Been busy and the absence was pretty fun I gotta admit, but I'm baaack.  I don't know how regular though, off and on, perhaps.   It's not like I get paid to do this junk, you know?  Anyway, I'm up sort of early for me as I need to get outside and mow the yard before it turns into a sweat box as East Texas is prone to do.  We are winding it down though into fall (at least we got out of the 100+ heat zone), and I can dig that.  Summers here, well are uncomfortable, but it's my opinion no matter where you live in the great country there's always something to contend with, so you might as well enjoy the better parts of it, and just deal with the others.  Overall though Texas isn't too bad.  I actually joined a gym this past summer as I just wasn't getting outside to walk or get any exercise because of the heat.  And I'm glad I did.  So much better walking in an air conditioned place with fifteen screens of TV to look at and listen too thru some earbuds, and all sort of cool workout equipment. 

Anyhow, here are how two critics rank Woody Allens 47 films.  That's a lot.  I know Woody has his detractors for one reason or the other.  You can hardly be popular in the public eye without detractors no matter who you are.  Odd times.  Here's the list.

Let's see, been watching a bunch of Vlogs and stuff still on Youtube.  What a great resource of fun and if you're a collector of media or things like books, comics, music, vinyl, and anything like that you can probably find like-minded people on it.   I've been listening to some of the Book videos.  I haven't found one that totally suits my every need, but that's why I watch more than one, for the differences of opinions. 

Here's one by a Steve Donoghue, and I like him as, for one, he's older and more articulate than the average tuber.   He already has many videos, so I've got an ample supply of things to watch, yay me!
You can start to watch his videos anywhere you like, just click on his hyperlink name which will link you to his other videos, but here's a starter where he rates the book site, Good Reads.

So what's out there for the armchair Sci Fi fan you ask?  Well, I've been wondering that myself, and I can't say I've totally found one that bowls me over yet, although I think I may have found a sweet one.  I was perusing i09 for some of my Sci Fi interest, but I don't care for their smarmy attitude, nor that they can hardly post anything with someone lobbing the F bomb or some other silly shenanigans.
Are you familiar with writer, Connie Willis?  Well, I ran across this podcast with her on it.  I started reading or became familiar with her via Writer's Digest where she had a little column.  I've never read anything by her, but it's on the back burner list of my mind, hum, I wonder if that's like the windmills of my mind?  Well, never mind that,  check it out the Coode Street Podcast.  

 If Coode Street Podcast doesn't float your boat, you might check out, Tor.com  or sffworld.com.  Those are pretty good resources as well.   Also Omni has a pretty good site too.  For stories there's also 365tomorrows.com too. 

Anyway if you have a fave, post it in the comments.  I gotta mow.


At 11:46 AM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

Another case of "de gustibus..." I like Woody Allen generally, but would rate all but a handful much differently. I have a much higher opinion of "Match Point," for example, which is not about the English class system, but about (as the overvoice says) whether there is such a thing as karma. When we commit crimes for lust or money (money is not the same as class, especially in England) is payback a sure thing or is it just all luck? I also liked "Mighty Aphrodite" better. It is a very funny parody of the conventions of ancient Greek drama -- including even the intervention by blind Tiresias -- and I don't think he wrote down to Mira Sorvino's character Linda at all. In fact, she was far more appealing, likable, and genuine than Lenny's wife Amanda. Yet, I have nowhere near as high opinion of "A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy." I like "Hannah and her Sisters," but again don't put it so high on the list. Nonetheless, Woody fans are welcome even if we disagree.

Was it Robert Frost who wrote

For I have premises to keep
And miles to mow before I sleep ?

At 10:20 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Richard, yeah, for sure list making is fun, and open for argument. I'd have a hard time rating things after the first ten or twelve. I'd even have a hard time saying what is his worst movie, although What's Up, Tiger Lily isn't one of my faves. I enjoyed Curse of the Jade Scorpion and Whatever Works more than they did, but sometimes you need to see a film more than once to get a good grasp of them. And then there are several eras to choose from, the more funny ones versus the dramatics ones, which the Woodster has addressed in his films. Add to the fact that I haven't seen all of his films. Golly, I'm behind and I should remedy that. I've had Zelig out waiting to be rewatched, and I need to queue some of the others on NF. I was just readjusting that list the other day. But, yes, list are created to be debated, I think I just rhymed.

Funny on the Robert Frost quote.


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