Thursday, July 14, 2016


The photos above were taken by me.  I've turned to photography to open up a little bit more creativity in my mind.  It seems to help though I don't know completely where I'm going with it.  Still I enjoy getting out and taking photos.  The bottom photo of a doorway was altered via a Paint/Photoshop type program.  I just got two photos that were accepted into the downtown gallery here.  I'm honored to have been chosen, but I'd like to find a way to get my art outside our small town here.  I figure the more exposure the better.  I'm in the process of searching that info down on the net. 

Anyway check out the video below by a James Kalm.  I love his videos on YT.  He goes around NYC shooting his videos sort of in a gorilla-style,  commenting on technique, and whatever he might know about the artist, and so forth.  I'm surprised a bit as I didn't think galleries would allow such things, but some do apparently. 

Below is a poem I wrote:

She Waits in Colors

Picasso's daughter sits waiting
in cubist thoughts

wondering when her father will
arrive, again to fill

the staccato moments
with smells of oil and turpentine

blending the air with his laughter
and colorful tales

of bullfights dabbed red and myths
of sailors casting out their dark nets
or lost at sea.

They'll eat fruit from the wooden bowl
positioned still life on the table.

He'll kiss her forehead
and she'll go out to play. 

Picking up his brush
he'll start his new day.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

Nice verse. Writing verse is not my forte I was forced to admit years ago: The poetry gene in my family went to my sister.

At 2:04 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Thanks Richard, but you are very good at short stories. I find it easier to write a poem and it's less involving, though I guess to be good and get better, it requires a lot of time and effort with either. I still get inspired from time to time.

At 7:48 AM, Blogger Roman J. Martel said...

Wow, really nice poem. I'm like Richard. I've tried my hand at poetry a number of times, but I just can't quite master the art of word selection, and I have a horrible sense of rhythm (can't dance to save my life either). I always admire someone who can write poetry. Now photography I always enjoy too. Great job with those too!

At 10:43 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

I took photography back in the Dark Ages, but I wish I had stuck with it and radio broadcasting (or whatever that was called back then). I think either profession would have sat well with me. I've just started taking up photography again, and I still like the results, plus it's so much easier these days without having to use a dark room and all that.

Poetry is a different art form too. It's hardly followed these days, and I can somewhat understand why. A lot of it isn't easily digestible and some of it's downright obtuse, and I can't even wrap my head around it. But I do enjoy it from time to time. I entered that poem in a poetry competition, where you submit them electronically online. I've never done that before, so it may be rejected on that basis alone as I tried to find their guidelines, but could not, so just winged it. A lot of publishing centers around just how to present something. If you can master that your halfway there imo.


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