Tuesday, June 28, 2016

King and George R R Martin

I really don't think any introductions are needed for these next two gentlemen.  I thought I'd post it because a few others might be fans of either or both Stephen King and George R R Martin.  As for me I enjoy them both, although I've not read any of Martin's books.  However, I have his first Game of Thrones book, and I'm a huge fan of the show.  I've got Season 5 ready to queue up on my Netflix and I've avoided all the spoilers as much as possible.  So I'll be diving into that later on this week.

I've not seen either of the videos I'm putting up as they are fairly new, so whether they are great to watch or a rehash of something else, I'm as just as in the dark as anyone.  But I'm going to put them both up in case you're as interested as I am.


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