Sunday, May 01, 2016

Double Whammy

I took this picture here in Tyler at the Goodman-LeGrand house a few weeks back.  It's an 1800s local historical spot and that particular weekend they were having a home and gardening show combined with some local artist and their arts and wares, and people selling plants and such.  The main art gallery in town asked anyone that wanted to come down and do some painting to do so, as they're getting entries for the upcoming 6 X 6 show in a few months.  I decided to go just to show up and participate, though I'm not very good doing improvised artwork that way.  I obsess over whatever I want to do too much, and I guess you could say that's planning.   I like to have the full disposal of my art supplies on hand too so if I need something, it's there.  At events like this they at least let you use their paints, but some colors may not be available, and that day I was given a few dabs of dried up paint, which I found undesirable, but went with it, and figured, it's an outing for fun and PR more that anything else.  I gotta admit though that gallery runs their business oddly (inefficient) some times.  But since it doesn't affect me, I just go with it.  At least it was a beautiful day.

As far as the photo, yes, it really gets that pretty here, and I like that aspect about this part of the country.  However, to get that green and beautiful we get a lot of rain, and the humidity is high for the most part.  We also get quite a few tornado alerts during this season from spring to summer, like we did this past week, which get a bit scary.

At any rate, this year I took my taxes to a new CPA as I didn't have a very good one (understatement) last year.  While he did my 2015 taxes, I had brought along last year's 2014 taxes as well, and he caught what he thought was an error.  So I agreed to let him doing an amendment to that 2014 return.  Well, last week after I'd agreed to let him do that, I get a letter from the IRS saying that the lady that did the 2014 return also screw up a bunch more stuff.  So I'm having to track down paperwork for 2014 so that all this can be done before a May deadline so I don't incur more penalties.  Hopefully this will be able to resolve itself and that's that.

I'm surprising myself over this as it's cost me more money, but I've retained a cool head, I guess I figure what good would worrying or pitching a fit do, the outcome is the same, although I do worry some--I can't help it.  The upshot I think to all this is:  in 2014 I had the gut reaction at the time to not use this lady.  I'm not sure why, just that it didn't feel right or I didn't trust her or she seemed unprofessional, but went ahead and let her do the taxes.  I think I thought, well, I'll use her this year, and next year I'll find someone else, how bad could it be?  I need to trust my gut more.  Is that considered common sense or intuition?  I don't know, but yeah, sometimes it pays to pause and rethink things.
Yesterday I was out spring cleaning the room above the garage.  It was my dad's office.  I've also been using it more or less as a storage area.  But I was up there yesterday cleaning up some of the area, and thought, I'll get some of this stuff and stick it in the attic above another part of the garage.  Dad's office is finished out, and has carpeting, but there's not heating or cooling up there, where the attic area is like most attics, barebones.  You get to that area by pulling down a doorway into the ceiling, and then lowering a ladder that leads up into that area of the attic of the house.  It's hot up there and dark, and could really use lighting. It's not specifically a storage area, but dad put some sheets of plywood up there over some rafters and stored a few things up there.  So I thought if I put some stuff up there it would free up more room in the office area, which would be nice so I can find stuff.

At any rate, I tried to lower the door to the attic and it would not come down all the way to where I can unfold the ladder.  I kept looking at it, and thought maybe the springs holding the door up were messed up or maybe it was the mechanism that allows the ladder to get lowered.  I went and got a ladder to closer inspect it, and then a flashlight.  I kept looking and looking and couldn't figure it out, until I went to the underneath side of the door that lowers and noticed that when they put in my new garage door a few months back, the railing they installed sticks up a few more inches not allowing clearance for that door to drop fully.  So I've got to call them Monday or this week.  At least it looks like they can cut off about six inches of that railing to clear the door, and that's enough to solve the problem.  If it's not one thing it's two?  Oh well, that's life.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

Sumerian proverb inscribed on a clay tablet c.2400 BC: “You can have a landlord, you can have a king, but the man to fear is the tax-collector.” Some things never change. I paid my quarterly property taxes today. NJ has the distinction of having the highest property taxes in the USA. It’s nice to excel at something. I can’t imagine why the state actually lost population in the past decade. Good luck with your accounting.

The impromptu art-fest sounds fun, even if your materials were minimalist. Sometimes we generate ideas when just puttering that can be pursued later, even if the immediate result is not a masterpiece.

At 9:17 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Yes, I believe the Sumerian who came up with that might have been onto something. I need to get up tomorrow and run some paperwork by my CPA tomorrow. I went thru a bunch of that stuff today. Hopefully he has everything he needs to work with. If not, Plan B. Ha, yes, I just got my proposed property taxes today.

The Artfest: It was fun enough, and good to get out in the fresh air, and if nothing else people watch a bit, even though a bit out of my element.

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Roman J. Martel said...

What a great picture! Thanks for sharing that. Sounds like it was a fun time, and it looks like it was gorgeous day.

I've got an accountant in the family and his group has done our taxes for years. They always seems to do a good job and have even given us some good financial advice. But moving last year really changed some of our taxes for this year, so that was an eye opener (even if you are expecting it, it still is annoying to be proven right when they go up).

At 11:11 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Yes, one of the things about living in several different places is, you uproot and have to learn a few new ropes in the new locale. Tyler is about the sixth place I've lived. It takes a few years to sort out things, but over time you get things down. Service people are the hardest because you'd like to find people that are competent to fix the sink, take down a tree, or do your taxes, etc.

I've joined Angies List for some of the more domestic handyman stuff, but her sited doesn't offer much on taxes and a few other things. I'll probably drop her in a bit, but it helps to have some sort of recommendations. Yelp is another good resource. Of course, if you have social circles like a church or some other group, you can get good sources from them too.

Taxes are a bear that we all have to put up with. My take is just get it done and get it over with--preferable right the first time too. :)

At 1:08 AM, Blogger Giovanni said...

What an awesome photo! You seem like a really great artist. I wish I had that talent. I love historic districts in old towns. They add so much value to the area. Taxes and paperwork can be so confusing sometimes! I wish they could just simplify all of that stuff. It sure would make our lives easier.

Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

At 10:30 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

I agree Giovanni, as they say death and taxes. I don't look forward to either. Tyler can be a pretty town, which is one of the reasons I moved down here from West Texas. Texas being such a big place it can be quite diverse when it comes to its geography. That said though I can find beauty in it all--both have their pluses and minuses. I guess that's how life is in a nutshell. I too wish they'd just make a flat tax, but I guess that would be too simple.

Thanks for the compliments on the photo. As far as my artwork goes, personally it can be a struggle at times. I wonder if other artist struggle with theirs as well, but I assume they do. I'm trying to find some balance there.


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