Monday, December 14, 2015

Friday Rant

So anyway, I was out last Friday.  I was on a mission to find a cardboard box so that I could box up some Christmas gifts and ship to my sister and her family that lives in Colorado.  My first stop was at a health food store down the street.  They generally have a bunch of boxes for the public that buy items there.   They are generally small though, but I thought maybe they might have something I could use.  They didn't  have anything I could use, however, so I decided to run down to Office Depot.  The last place I wanted to go on my quest was at some place like The UPS Store, which is where I'll go to ship the package, but the last time I bought a box there they wanted something like fifteen bucks for a silly box.  I'll also preface this rant in saying I've been having ear problems lately along with allergy problems, so I've not been in the best of moods lately, but I make due.

So I leave the health food store, drive up to the exit.  It's a bad area with traffic as there's an intersection there, which exits onto the loop, and to make matters worse,  I wanted to get in the outside lane (all the way across all the traffic and turn right).  So I had to wait for the traffic going east through the traffic lights, and also for the traffic going west as well to clear before exiting.

I pull up to wait and in less than a minute, some yahoo pulls up behind me, and starts honking.  I first thought maybe it was someone else in traffic honking, but I'm watching the traffic flow, and it still persist.  I look in my rear view mirror thinking, well, maybe it's someone I know, and they want to wave or whatever.   But that's not the case,  there's some guy in a pickup truck wearing overalls and a bad haircut, and he continues to honk.  So by now, I'm thinking, what is this idiot honking at?  How would he know where I want to go, and his annoying honking is distracting, and could cause an accident by rattling someone into pulling out into traffic (like me or someone else even less experienced with driving).

Okay as a disclaimer, I did not have my blinker on to turn west, that may have helped, but still I found his moronic behavior totally baffling.   I don't know maybe he was just released from an insane asylum and had not adjusted to the world on the outside.   That's a possibility.  I glance again I guess to see if I can see drool coming down the corners of his mouth, but no, he just looks like the ordinary stupid redneck types that are way to prolific in Texas.  And the guy is still honking...  The traffic is still heavy and I can't get out. 

I'll have to admit I thought about getting out of my car and asking him what he was honking at, and also ask if he knew where I was going.  But decided against that.  With our dumbass governor, Greg Abbott's passing of the new concealed handgun laws in Texas, this clown would be the type to want to use it by shooting someone and then, of course, driving off.  (I expect things of this nature to happen in the future, and I don't want to be on the receiving end of it.)

So I get a break with the traffic, and exit, and I'm on my way to find a box, but I have to admit the incident has haunted me all weekend.  Perhaps, and what I suspect, he's just some redneck fuck, too stupid to realize what a nuisance he is to the public.  Perhaps in the future he'll keep doing this offensive, stupid stunt and some other redneck fuck will get tired of it and shoot him in the face.  That would be his best hope in life.  It would be merciful.  If you were that stupid wouldn't you want someone to take you out?  Boy I sure would.  Drive defensively, please!


At 5:23 AM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

There are drivers who live to blare their horns. Just last week at the intersection of Rt 53 and 202 in Morris Plains I came to a red light with the intention of turning right. (It was during the hours that particular intersection allows a right turn on red, in the unlikely case that any local is reading this.) So, I stopped and looked left to check for oncoming traffic before proceeding. While I looked left the light changed to green and a horn blared in back of me. My glance left took less than a second, so I must assume the driver’s hand already was on the horn as he or she eagerly anticipated a chance to press it. (Actually I would have looked left before proceeding even if I'd seen the light turn green.)

My favorites are the ones who blare their horns when caught in a 5 mile backup at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel – as though all the rest of us are at a standstill as a matter of choice.

Nowadays, though, I figure that being these honkers is its own punishment. Anyone who lives with such anger over matters so minor (even if – horrors – the other driver actually does make a human mistake) must be a very unhappy person.

At 9:32 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

I understand your pain, Richard. I was hoping my posting would not seem too curmudgeonly. I tried to keep some humor in it, and yet be as truthful to the event and my feelings as possible. What is it about driving that once inside a vehicle people seem to turn off their brains and get more aggressive? It never fails to allude me. I sometimes think it's similar to internet behavior in that we are a bit removed from the real world, we enter this metal structure that weighs so many pounds--it will protect us, and we have this transparent windshield (like a video game or monitor), and these other people, why their just inconveniences. Anyway that's my take on it somewhat, and that doesn't even consider driving while drunk, drugged, or both, etc.

Yes, you were/are right to look before entering--people have been known to run yellow lights. As far as driving goes, one can never be too careful as far as I'm concerned. Horns or people shooting you the finger be damned. I try and not let that bother me, but sometimes as in my posting it still does. And at the same time, I at times wonder--does this weird shit just happen to me, but apparently not.

I'll confess I do honk my horn even if it's to alert someone beyond an emergency, like if someone happens to be daydreaming at a light or whatever, but I'll cut them some slack and wait a couple of seconds before doing so. Cell phones don't help matter any either. Even then, I don't just blare down on the horn, I give them a friendly toot.

Your philosophy mirrors my brother's on the matter. If one gets that upset or is that impatient, they must be a pretty unhappy individual. Even more the reason not to make contact with them if at all possible. Go about the rest of your day, and try to enjoy it. But yes, drive as defensively as possible. One final note, I don't know where my dad got his driving habits from, but I've tried to drive like him. He tried not to let traffic bother him, and did for the most part.


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