Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sidebar Nation Comics and Artist - FYI

                                                                  Norm Breyfogle

Sidebar Nation is shutting down their great website, which featured interviews with some of the top illustrators, artist, and comic book artist of our times.  I've been listening to some of their interviews over the years, and they were wonderful to listen too even if you are not artistically inclined because they were inspiring and motivational as well.  Right now they are allowing one that wants to hear the interviews before they shut their site down for good to download them.  Their site is located here:  http://www.sidebarnation.com/my_weblog/

Some of the interviews or podcast say "Buy Now" but Sidebar Nation has allow them to still be downloaded for free.  All you have to do is enter your email address, and thru your email they'll send you a link.  I've already downloaded a few, and I'm looking for a few more I've probably missed over the years.  But I've already listened to many of these interviews and they are all very interesting if you are interested in art, comics, design, and so forth.

Some the ones I've listened to and enjoyed have been by Steve Rude, artist of the Nexus comic, Mark Schultz the creator of Xenozoic Tales comic,  Kelley Jones horror and Batman comics, James Gurney of Dinotopia,  and many others.  So anyway, here's your head's up.  Check them out before they totally shut down the place.  Here's a link to their archives:  http://sidebar.typepad.com/my_weblog/barchives.html  I'm still looking over that archive list for things to download.  I wish they could have gotten a interview with Paul Chadwich of Concrete fame, or John Byrne, and a few other of my favorites artist and creators, but I'm happy they at least interviewed a few high profile professionals in the field.  Sharing their own love of the arts was fun to listen too. 


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

Some of the commentary looks as though it should be interesting, but I guess nothing lasts forever. Re: Schulz, I liked Xenozoic Tales from the moment I stumbled on them years ago. I never watched the TV adaptation (Cadillacs and Dinosaurs) which lasted half a season though. You might like some of the work of Christopher Schenck, an artist for Dark Horse Comics among others. Dark Horse reprinted Xenozoic Tales a decade or so ago. Chris also did covers of my books back before he was well paid: http://christopherschenck.com/

At 1:04 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Yes, Mark Schultz is still doing projects. When I first saw Xenozoic Tales I was immediately won over as well. It had a retro vibe in some ways to the classic cartoonist like Wally Wood, Frank Frazetta, etc. but also was about dinosaurs. So I was immediately hooked. Evidently Mark, at least from hearing his interview, is a heck of a nice guy. I've met him at some of the comic cons, and I would think I got him to autograph a copy or two of the Xenozoic Tales, but I'd have to check. I never really watch Cadillacs and Dinosaurs either (I think there was a comic as well). I think I was just too busy at the time. The last thing I picked up by him was his writing on the Prince Valiant comic strip series with art by Gary Gianni, "Far From Camelot". He also has a new hardback called Storms at Sea that I haven't gotten yet.

I'm not familiar with Schenck that I know of. I used to be a big Dark Horse reader back when I was collecting. I used to get Dark Horse Presents, Flaming Carrot, and Concrete among others. I'll check into him. I wasn't aware of your book Richard. But I see they are available on Amazon, which I didn't know about. Yes, nice covers too. Did you know each other previously or was he just assigned to do your covers?

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

Chris was recommended to me by the publisher and we made our own arrangements. I told him what I wanted (such as the collection of characters in one and the Homo ergaster thinker with the melting clock in another) and he did a marvelous job creating the images.

My book royalties never amounted to more than lunch money. I mean a single lunch. (Stephen King is not looking over his shoulder.) This is why I now give the contents away for free on two of my blog sites – at least they get read there. Only the novella “Trash” does not appear online, but pieces of it do; the book is really several short stories held together by a central narrative, and all but a couple of those short stories are posted on my site. If you want a paper-and-ink copy email me an address. rbellush@gmail.com

At 8:28 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Nice of you to offer, I might take you up on that. Still if it's only lunch money as you say, it's a big accomplishment. Plus if you wish to further write books and seek publishing, they're good to have on your resume. I don't know how you feel about writing for comics, but they need some good writers these days, though I could certainly see sticking with prose.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Guys. Good News every episode of the Sidebar Podcast can be found on archive.org. Listen and enjoy. Please spread the word has I'd love for everyone to have an opportunity to browse the archives.



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