Saturday, October 03, 2015


Been pretty busy so haven't posted much.  The weather is changing pretty quickly into fall, which  makes many people excited about Halloween.  I'm sure I'll watch something tailored for that holiday as well, although I don't go crazy and watch horror movies every night or whatever.  The truth of the matter is as you age you seek out more and more of the things you enjoy, so you get around to seeing most of the classics.  Mind you I'm not there yet, but being a pretty big SF and genre fan, I've seen a great majority of the better science fiction and horror movies.  I'm not a big fan of modern horror, it just lost it for me generally speaking.  But I still enjoy watching something in the SF genre.  Sure there's still something that comes along I haven't seen that been waiting there in obscurity, and there's always something new that will delight me, but I think the above is still true.  Plus one can always rewatch something, like I did last night when I rewatched the SF film, Enemy Mine.  Still a really fun film.

I Married A Monster From Outer Space some might say is a cheesy SF movie (and it is for the most part).  It's one of the first SF/horror films and alien invasion films I ever remember seeing.  It was a double bill playing along with the Steve McQueen movie, The Blob.  They both gave me many nights of nightmares, which at the time distress me (and my parents) to no end.  They pretty much laid down the law of seeing no more scary movies afterwards.  But for whatever reason since I reached adulthood both movies still hold a place in my memory as classic or impactful. 

I've also been watching some of the old Dr. Who series, and the new Dr. Who series has started up as well with its new season on BBC America.  I prefer the older series however.  I do enjoy the new doctor, Peter Capaldi, but I still find something missing with these newer doctor reboots that started with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper.  If you are a fan that great, I'm just saying they're not as good to me as the older ones.  That's not to say I won't watch some of them, and it's not to say that some of them haven't been pretty good like the episode Blink, but for the most part, they're not my cup of tea.  Either way, whether new or older series, I think if you're a SF fan there's enough to be enjoyed.   Having said that I have not seen a lot of the older series, and I'm still working my way thru them, and I have to say it's been a lot of fun. 

The last ones I watched were The Caves of Androzani with Peter Davison, Vengeance on Varos with Colin Baker, and Nightmare of Eden with Tom Baker.  They were all a lot of fun, and I look forward into watching more. 

Here's a link to the movie, I Married A Monster From Outer Space on Youtube if you're interested.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

I too have a fondness for "I Married a Monster from Outer Space" which was funkier than most mainstream fare of the time (1958). For anyone who hasn't seen it, the aliens take the form of humans they abduct; the abducted humans are hooked up to a kind of broadcasting device that lets their lookalikes access their memories. The aliens find themselves enjoying human pleasures and vices. One even goes on a honeymoon. If the real groom, after his rescue, is upset about his bride having gotten it on with a monster from outer space, he doesn’t say so. This is an enjoyable little movie.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Yes it is, Richard. It's also one of those movies that akin to Invasion of the Body Snatchers in that it takes away part of one's humanity. Body Snatchers amped up the paranoia angle more than I Married A Monster did, but both dealt with having one's identity taken from them and replaced ie. symbolic of Communism, from what I've read. I think one of additional features is that it had some gruesome effects once the alien's spaceship was found, and they started disconnecting the captured humans. The aliens in disguise would fall down and their innards would run out. That grossed me out as a kid. :)

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Roman J. Martel said...

I've never seen "I Married a Monster..." before, but I've certainly heard of it. I need to check it out We've been catching up on our Hitchcock films the last couple weeks. Revisited "Vertigo" for the first time in years. I think I appreciate that movie more than enjoy it. But "Rope", man I still really get a kick out of "Rope".

At 9:38 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

"I Married" is a film of its time and probably cheesy to most people. Though if you're a fan of the SF genre worth watching.

Yes, Vertigo is one of those films that's often arguably referred to as a masterpiece. I think it's an amazing film, maybe in my top twenty or so. At times I feel it might be a bit too long though that's a small quibble. The surreal scenes and art direction are there. Hitchcock, let's face it, was just a masterful director.

You know I've seen parts of Rope, but never the whole movie--I need to change that. I used to have a friend that loved that genre: crime, mystery, noir, etc. He had an original poster from Rope, and it was a huge sized one. I don't know what he paid for it, but it had to have been a pretty penny, particularly once framed.


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