Thursday, September 24, 2015

Musical Collage

I need to get up and get more constructive, but before I snap into action I thought I'd post this first from the Dangerous Minds site.  It's a bunch of musical collages made from Don Joyce, one of the members of Negativland.  I've heard their band's name before, but I'm not familiar with their music.  If you go over to the site, there's an embedded file from where you can listen to a four hour segment.  Supposedly there's a lot more where that comes from if interested.

I've sort of been in a soundtrack, electronic, krautrock mode as far as music is concerned.  Next week it will probably change over to something else triggered by who knows what.  I've still been watching some of the Vinyl Community's videos over on Youtube.  The more you watch those things, the more you learn or see things that you'd never discovered or knew of before.  I'm actually surprised that vinyl sells as well as it does these days because generally, at least here, the new vinyl is more expensive than the CD equivalent. 

Oh, while on the subject of music, I'll mention a rock doc I saw the other night on Alice Cooper called Super Duper Alice Cooper.  It traces the history of their early inception of the band, up thru where they get famous in the 70's, and on thru their break up, and Alice going solo and taking on the moniker of Alice Cooper himself.  It was a real fun doc, if you are so inclined.  I wasn't a great fan of his shock rock so much back in the day, but I grew to where I enjoy some of it. 

For me their best album was Pretties For You, which was their second album, and is more psychedelic, Dada-inspired than shock rock, but I still enjoy it among other songs from them.  I always liked the album art from that album.  It's sort of modern, and yet a throw back to some other era.  It's just bizarre.  There's a video over on Youtube about the artist, Edward Beardsley, who was a dean and professor over at UC Riverside. 


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

We need to lengthen the human lifespan. How else will we find enough idle time to download and listen to 5000 hours of Over the Edge?

At 11:02 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

That sounds like one of those trick questions like what is the meaning to life or what is the sound to one hand clapping, and so on. I'd be all for a longer lifespan or being able to download one's conscientiousness. I guess the best we got right now is just to be grateful for the day.


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