Sunday, September 13, 2015

Favorite Soundtracks

I ran across this Youtube video in what is known as their 'Vinyl Community'.  As I've mentioned previously there are several such communities of fandom on Youtube from comic books, DVDs to movies and music.  I've only scratched the surface to that sort of thing, but it would not surprise me if there weren't other sections devoted to antiques, doll collecting, toys, automobiles, or whatever other sort of collecting exist.  If there's one on Sci-Fi, I'd be interested in that as well, I just haven't run into that yet.  It would actually be a good idea if a SF community like that sprung up sharing their favorite movies, books, related toys, poster, etc.  Actually I find this recent phenomenon pretty cool.  As a collector and having that mentality, I'm always interested in what someone else collects and what they look for when adding to their collection. 

For example, I have quite a bit of vinyl, which I've collected over the years.  I know a lot of music lovers which have dumped their vinyl and either gone over to CDs or many music fans have just digitized their collection and keep them in that form some way.  I have a friend that has done that and put  most of his collection on a computer hard drive.  But for me, I just can't do that.  There's too many memories involved like where I was when I bought the album, or where I was at that stage of my life, not to mention the hours spent hunting for certain albums. Plus I still love the album art and just holding it in my hands.  I do own a few things that might be consider rare, so dumping them for me isn't a consideration.  

With the recent trend in vinyl collecting a lot of collectors, like the guy above, enjoys buying colored vinyl.  I have a few albums that are colored, but most are the standard black variety.  The Youtuber above mentions a few soundtracks I haven't thought of in a while (like his #1 pick), some which I probably overlooked or not consider much, but after watching his video, I might have to keep my eyes peeled for them the next time I'm out shopping for media.
One of my favorite shopping places for media in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is Half-Price Books.  They began in Dallas, and have since spread throughout Texas and into other states as well.  Their huge flagship store is usually where I'll go first, but they have other locations in the metro area, and I'll generally hit one of two of them as the inventory can be different.  The store above is their newer location.  They originated not far from there, across the street if memories serves, in what used to be an old laundromat.  You can't beat their prices or for a good place to go just to browse for media that's all inclusive.

Speaking of books and media, I ran into this list today which is NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction books (although some of them seem more like fantasy to me, like Lord of the Rings).  Cheers.


At 6:23 AM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

All "Top 100" lists are idiosyncratic. The criteria can't help but say more about the compiler(s) than about the books. This one includes quite a bit of fantasy, as you noted, while excluding most horror crossovers (e.g. Lovecraft or F. Paul Wilson) though I notice one by Stephen King. He/she/they must like King. That said, there are a lot of good book there. I've read 41 of them.

I don't participate much in the format wars. I've got vinyl, cassettes, and cds, but that's only because I don't throw out the older music that I like and I still have the stereo components to play all of them. I respect the sincerity, though, of the folks who swear by the sound of vinyl. Cds, of course, are also regarded as old fashioned these days.

At 7:53 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

I agree. All list are idiosyncratic and never all-inclusive. But I still like to look at them anyway. I guess that makes me a list guy. But it also might tip you off to something you might be unaware of.

I love the sound of vinyl, but the convenience of the CD is better. If I'm doing something in the kitchen or preoccupied, it's nice not to have to flip an album over. Plus the ease of the CD format works better for most people. I never had too much a problem keeping my vinyl fairly playable without scratches, but I've seen some vinyl that looked like they went thru war or a weekend frat party.

But I guess you can say the same for the cassettes, particularly if you have a machine that automatically switches directions. I think I've had all formats at one time or the other. I remember one Christmas my parents got me and my brother a portable stereo 8-track machine. They were kind of cool and had good sound. I thought they were pretty neat because it gave me a way to hear my car tapes inside the house. But they didn't last too long as the machine and the tapes just weren't built for longevity.


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