Friday, May 22, 2015

Spectrum Fantasy Art Live

If fantasy, science fiction, dark fantasy, horror, book illustrations, comic art, art that tells a story, and  other art that lies along those borders are your thing, they are going on this weekend at Spectrum Fantasy Art Live in Kansas City, Kansas.   I believe this is the third year for it, and I've yet to attend, but I sure would like to go.  It's on my bucket list for the future, if indeed they continue to still have the event.  It's basically set up like a comic con, but rather than selling comics, or people parading around in cosplay, or getting autographs from actors,  and that sort of thing, it deals more with art and the artist that make it.  I assume you can also buy artwork and prints, books, and other items there as well.

Since I live in a small to medium town in Texas there's not a lot of art, other than local art going on here.  In fact I think there's less here than from the previous town that I used to live in, which was about the same size in population.  I do get out and try and catch a gallery show from time to time, but I don't attend them generally if there's some sort of cover fee unless I know it's going to be a fairly reputable show.  Those generally haven't happened here.  The next best thing though is Pinterest.   I'm a member on there, it's free, and I'm surprised more people don't use it as you don't have to use it just for art.  You can save food recipes there, how to fix stuff, DIY projects, movie posters, I've got some live concerts from Youtube on it, some links to web comics, and all manner of other things there. 

I think this is the third week, it seems we've gotten rain.  I guess it's been sort of like that all over the nation, but dang get's a bit old.  I know some places like California are in a drought, so they could stand all the rain they can get I suppose.  Here though things are getting pretty water logged.  I got out yesterday and put the gutter up back on the back part of the house as it had fallen down.  While at the hardware store I also got a new chain put on the chainsaw, which I'll be needing once things dry out a bit.  Plus just other handyman stuff I still need to do--it's never ending.

I ran into a magazine online called Magma.  It's not a new article, but a fairly interesting one about the old Starlog magazines.  So it's a magazine about magazines!  It also has an interview in it with a John Zipper, who might also be behind the Magma magazine too.  At any rate, he talks about the early days of Starlog, what his job included, and how it was working for them.  I thought it was fairly fun to read and insightful.  You can increase the size of the magazine so that it's larger and more readable.  First click the diagonal arrows on the right side of the page.  Then once the page is larger, there's a slider function control on the left side of the page.  Sliding it will increase or decrease the page further.  Check it out here.

If my directions are unclear just monkey with it, it worked for me.

It's a short posting today, but I've got stuff to do.  Below is a video I found on Youtube about the differences between the fantasist Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo, both masters in their field.


At 2:10 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

Cool sf/fantasy pics.

It is something of a mystery what makes one place a center of high art and another of equal size not. Athens at it classical height was no bigger than modern day Boise or Baton Rouge. Why the difference? Maybe there is a tipping point beyond which a town starts drawing in outside talent and then punches beyond its weight.

At 11:39 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Good question Richard, I've no clue. But in the case of the Kansas City Spectrum event I assume it's somehow nurtured by the city seeking some event to put on to encourage tourism etc. San Diego has their Comic Con, as well as other towns like C2E2 in Chicago.

RosFest is a cool prog rock event that happens annually in Gettysburg, PA. There's also a Progday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There are also film festivals and other areas of interest. Trying to stay informed of them is another thing.


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