Friday, May 01, 2015

Recent podcast and interviews

I listened to a couple of interesting podcast this week from Terry Gross's show on NPR, Fresh Air.  Generally speaking she has the best radio show around for enlightening topics and interviews.  I generally don't care too much for the political themed ones, but depending on the topic they can be okay too.  Anyway today I listened to the interview done with British actor, Timothy Spall who plays J.M.W. Turner, the artist portrayed in the new Mike Leigh film, Mr. Turner.  I'd heard it before, but was worth a second listen.  I look forward to the film, which releases this next week.  Here's a link. 

The other interview was with Louie CK, who has a comedy show on the FX Channel, which I've been enjoying as of late.  It's taken me a bit to get used to Louie's humor as he works blue.  To some people that doesn't matter, but sometimes I find it offensive.  Also I think it's easier to work blue, than not.  Offensive may not be the best word for it either.  I know it's a subjective thing, and sometimes I find it offensive and other times not so much.  I like Bill Maher too, and he's more or less no holds barred on profanity or any other topic at times, but I like that he can be rather honest or upfront on some topics.  Like I said, it's a thin line and subjective.  Weird I know, I'm human.  Here's the link.

While on Bill Maher, there's been a recent Playboy interview with him that I found interesting here. 


At 8:34 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

I like Louie, but I know what you mean about overdoing scabrous material. One is tempted to say, "Lenny Bruce is dead guys." A lot of the material seems old and dull, not edgy, but it seems to get laughs regardless, so I guess they'll using it.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Yeah, evidently Louie is one of those guys that didn't have a strong father figure from what he says in the interview, his mom wasn't around much either, so he was allowed to develop however (on the street).

Or maybe it is that I'm the reverse of that. My Dad wouldn't allow any profanity in our house, I'm sure, I never tried. He and my mom were both pretty domineering in what they wanted or expected from their kids--not that they were extreme, but fairly stern. That wasn't too unusual for the timeframe. So it sometimes takes me aback with some of my younger peers and their laissez-faire attitudes.
There again too, I grew up with comedians on TV and they made me laugh without all the profanity, which I think is harder to do. I don't know different times I guess.


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