Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Delia Derbyshire and Stupid Texas Politics

Here's a link to Delia Derbyshire who worked with the BBC creating the music for the Dr. Who program.  I don't know how long the link or podcast will be available, the BBC doesn't seem to leave them up for very long for some reason.  So if you what to hear it, better snap into action.  I wondered what part of the co-creation for the Dr. Who theme music she had to do with.  It was written by Ron Granger, but I assume she took what he created and more or less molded it into something more that could be used for the show.  I assume it's more akin to what George Martin did for the Beatles, producing it and used studio equipment to refine the theme further.

You may have also heard that actress, Grace Lee Whitney that played Yeoman Rand on the original Star Trek series passed away a few days ago.   Here's an obituary if interested.  

Here lately, now that spring has sprung, I've been doing more yard work.  I've been cutting back some brush and weeding (there's a lot of Poison Ivy that needs to be sprayed with weed killer), putting down fertilizer, and recently cut down three sweet gum trees, and I need to get someone to cut down or trim back a few others.  Pain in the butt, but there's always something (my Dad's favorite phrase).  Ha.  I also have family (my sister and nephew) coming down for a quick visit at the end of May.  We're planning on going over to Canton, Tx. to where they have an outdoor flea market called First Monday Trade Days at the beginning of each month.  I've always wanted to go there just to see what all they have and to see if it's worth returning to at some later time.  

Texas politics has turned crazy recently.  Both our new governor, Gregg Abbott (Hey Abbbbooot!), and Congressman, Louis Gohmert (whom I refer to as Gohmert Pile), flame the conspiracy theory that Obama may be instituting martial law in Texas by some "secret" military training exercises.   Here's a TV clip where also a military spokesperson is speaking on behalf of the military exercises trying to shed some light on what they are actually doing.  He gets put down by some of the rednecks saying they don't believe a thing he says--nice, way to support the troops!!  The redneck yahoos are rallying around like some serious shit is about to hit the fan.  And yet Abbott and Gohmert could have quelled this whole incident by issuing a news article or a press conference or town hall meeting or something, but then they would look like they are siding with Obama or the left wing.  I guess politician will stoop to any idiocy to appease their idiotic voters and constituency.  Another agitator that loves throwing gas on the fire to flame the whole conspiracy is the Austin so-called "news" radio station and program, Info Wars and its chef spokesman, Alex Jones.  That guy would love to see a civil war or something.  He's a total loon in by book, and anyone that listens to him needs to book a session with a shrink fast, and get on meds asap.  As far as I'm concerned, if you can't be truthful and transparent about situations and politics, you're a damn liar about any of it, no matter how "Christian" you claim to be. 


At 9:41 AM, Blogger SFF said...

I concede politics can be stupid, and even downright dangerous.

I wonder if you find some of the incendiary remarks of Obama and Eric Holder as divisive?

I've often found some of the comments in these speeches to be similarly inflammatory when the nation could you a voice for calm. A message that assuages the tension rather than incite. It's certainly needed now more than ever.

Unfortunately the tone is being set from the top and from political leadership across the country. A speech yesterday at a commencement by the first lady was just as disappointing. It won't happen anytime soon.

Do you see this kind of negativity yourself El Vox?

The nation is dealing with an atmosphere of distrust and unfortunately it is being instigated to a degree.

Your thoughts?

At 5:56 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Well, I'm not totally sure what remarks you are referring to, but I assume you are talking about the President speaking about the recent unrest/rioting in the Baltimore or Ferguson area. I didn't really see anything particularly negative in it. If perhaps something negative was said or commented on Fox News, well, I missed that. I don't watch Fox or MSNBC either. They are both biased to the right or left. I try and watch or get my news from PBS, NPR radio, or just CNN. There are several shows on either to keep you up to date and informed without the biased slants of the other two. PBS also (here anyway) has a BBC news on TV & radio. I also read stuff on the computer.

But I kind of get my updating on current events and then I get off and away from it. I live in a pretty conservative state, and a pretty conservative town. Just about every TV in this town is tuned into Fox News, even my dentist office and Dairy Queen down the road. I'm surprised they don't just go ahead and taint the water system. ;)

But to get back to your question & the point I was trying to make was, I'd say you have to consider the source. I thought Obama did well to placate the (mostly) blacks concerned over the recent shootings, and also said that the police are needed. If push came to shove, I think we all know he's going to side with the police. Why? We need them for an ordered society. We can't just let any race or group tear up towns, loot, etc. It's a delicate thing to try and appease both groups, but that's about all you can do.

Personally do I think the cops lately crossed lines on violence? Yes. I think there's some gang activity within those crowds too acting as agitators looking for financial gains and personal opportunities.

I think there's just going to be distrust--that may be the new norm. Do I distrust the government? Not really, we still have a good one. I'd rather live here than many other places. We're lucky and fairly complacent. I think a lot of people blame or find scapegoats for their own lack of personal responsibility. I had a friend that way, always finding excuses, when really his predicament came from himself--his drugs and past. He was his own worst enemy--though I enjoyed his friendship. I think the same BS comes from these others that distrust the govt. And personally I don't get it--so their life was like Heaven when G W Bush was in power, or Reagan, or some other candidate, I doubt it. No president or body of Congress is going to solve your problems for you better than yourself. And that's probably the new norm, which really is old norm. A lot of these news channels just spew negativity, and if you sit around & listen to them I think it influences some people's thinking. I think that their just a fringe of people that are just dissatisfied. That's a reason I turn off the tube or find other distractions. The past was never that great, the future remains unknown, & hope for the best. History has always had problems & probably always will. Overall though I think Obama has done a good job. The stock market has been bullish, unemployment is below six percent, 10 million more people have health insurance, the auto industry is back on its feet. Oh, and he averted a depression and they got bin Laden. Not bad.


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