Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Look Ma, No Strings

A friend brought it to my attention the other day that the Gerry Anderson SuperMarionation has been updated, and is being produced.  The new version is partly made by Weta, who did the effects for the Lord of the Rings and King Kong movie. The craft and characters are CGI, but backgrounds and sets are live miniatures.  Whether your take on the new update is probably going to be subjective.  If you were a super fan of the show, you'd probably be up for watching the shows just to see how it turns out.  And if you're a very critical negative nabob, well, you'll probably find something to hate.

I don't think whether the puppets have strings or not matters to me as to whether I'd give the show a chance or not, I probably would.  I'd be more concerned it they had interesting stories to tell, and if they are produced pretty well.  In all seriousness, they aren't made for an adult's interest anyway, no more than the original Thunderbirds were.  This show is not meant for me or people who grew up with the show. It's aimed at todays kids. Remember that we were all kids once too.

 There is no point in the 'Oh my god they have changed this and that' mentality. What, you didn't expect some changes? They were never going to make it faithful to the original, and its naive of anyone to think they would.  From what a friend has told me they've updated it for modern kids, and his overall impression of it is pretty good.  He goes on to say: the theme retains just enough of the original, there were some nice little nods to the original series - a quick clip of Stingray, the Space 1999 Eagle-like nose of the underwater drilling rig, and the TB1, 2 and 3 launch sequences are excellent, keeping the original 5..4..3..2..1 countdown from the original series voice...and even the 'orange squeezer' in the TB1 launch bay, and they do at least seem to be setting up storylines for possible future themes...such as the Hood/Kayo family connection, and the 'disappearance' of Jeff Tracy.

He also said he enjoyed the design of the craft as well, different but not massively so, kind of pumped-up and with some interesting gadgets (saying he loved TB3's foldable fins/grappling hooks, and TB4's detachable medical pods).

Plus the real sets and backgrounds are a nice touch - loved the big miniature of the Hoods retro-looking craft at the end.

It sounds fairly promising to me, and I'd give it a chance.   I ran across another review of the series, which sounds positive as well.  You can read it here. 


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

I wasn't aware of this. But I enjoyed "Team America World Police" (not Anderson but in the same vein), so why not?

The best version of "No strings on Me" is still the Andrews Sisters in my book BTW

At 9:13 AM, Blogger SFF said...

Can't stand TMNT but Thunderbirds is much more my cup of tea.

Those character designs all look a bit odd to be honest but glad to see an effort made to bring it to a new generation.

I'm always open to new adaptations. I just don't understand the back lash on these types of things. We always have the classics. I mean they are being released on Blu-Ray here very soon to boot.

But yes, I wish the new series well even if it looks a little bizarre. definitely willing to give it a chance.

At 9:39 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Rich, I haven't seen Team America yet, but I believe I added it to the NF queue. I'd heard it was pretty funny, so it would be something I want to look into. Ha, for the Andrew Sisters song--my mom used to enjoy them, so I'm aware of them.

SFF, yeah from the YT clip I provided I think the special effects look nice. Granted I didn't care much for the Bill Paxton live action film from this franchise, but some kid may have loved it. You have to take that into consideration sometimes. I tend to prefer things that the whole family can enjoy like Pixar etc. That's a win win.


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