Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Chappie is one of the first trailers that's grabbed me lately.  I can't say I'm a huge fan of Neill Blomkamp yet, though I've seen both District 9 and Elysium.  After seeing Elysium, I think he needs to pay attention less to the underlying message, and stick more to the storytelling.  I didn't think Elysium was a horrible film, but it could have been better.

 District 9 was okay too, but, and I need to rewatch the film as it's been a while, as it suffered a bit from suspension of disbelief.  The hero was a bit too goofy for me, and I realize that was somewhat the point, to rise above his ways, but it didn't totally work for me either.  That said though, I think Blomkamp is someone to watch as he at least comes up with good ideas, but has a little bit of trouble translating them to the big screen.

So what movies do you think will hit or miss for 2015?  As always I'm looking forward to many of them.  Some are really on the fence for me and like most movies, it depends on what the critics and the average joe (word of mouth) says on whether I'll end up seeing or renting the films.

For sure, the one I'm most interested in is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but that's not until the end of the year.  The new Terminator film sounds interesting, but Schwarzenegger (age 67) is getting up there in years.  That's another thing that I wonder about at times--who will replace all these older box office draws?  Who will be the newer action heroes?  Sure there's still Tom Cruise, and he does pretty good job with that role, but it seems there's still room for more in that area.  At any rate, Terminator: Genisys may turn out very good, but I really have to question the title.  Genisys, really?  I don't know, just sounds/looks a bit odd.

I'm also fairly excited about Jurassic World because I love dinosaur films.  I didn't hate Jurassic III either, in fact, I enjoyed it as much as II.  For me the set-up for II just went on too long, and I wanted it to get on with the story.  But either way, Jurassic World has a lot of potential--plus it should release in June, a good time to get out and see a blockbuster film.

I'm hoping the new James Bond film, Spectre, will do well too, however, the predicted date of release on that one is in November.  Also will Mission Impossible 5 be another hit?  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was the highest grossing MI movie of that franchise.  It will be interesting to see if IM 5 can top that, but it also has a December release, so a lot of tough competition that last month.  Plus Hunger Games: part 2 will come out around that time as well.  I guess we'll see.


At 10:18 AM, Blogger SFF said...

I think Blompkamp is another interesting director as well. He's coming up with some visually interesting stuff.

I thought District 9 was excellent. I'd give it an A. But I think Elysium needed work and turned out a C+.

Chappie definitely looks interesting to me too.

Funny how the Genisys title is really an annoyance. There is a lot of talk regarding the title. But, in one respect it reminds us of something like Cyberdine. It has a kind of corporate vibe to the title I think. Otherwise, it doesn't trouble me much. It could be a good film. We'll see.

I also enjoyed your mention of the Captain Harlock film. That does look very good. I'll have to check it out sometime. I'm familiar with the character but never much followed him.

Take care

At 6:54 PM, Blogger Roman J. Martel said...

I'm with both of you gents on Blompkamp. I dug "District 9" but "Elysium" felt underdone. "Chappie" looks pretty good (even if I wanted to do my best Johnny 5 imitation while watching the trailer).

And yeah "Genisys" just annoys the hell out of me too. And I watch a lot of anime that love misspelling English words for effect. But for some reason... this isn't working for me.

Very curious about "Star Wars". JJ seems like a good fit for the material. We'll see.

At 6:42 AM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

The one spell-play title that worked for me was Simone (from SIMulation ONE) back in 2002.

I'd like to wrap up The Hunger Games already. Besides, if Jennifer Lawrence is going to be able to buy Kentucky she needs to cash one more paycheck.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

SFF: Good call on Genisys having a inside-the-corporate vibe to it, and that it's similar to Cyberdine. I never thought of that angle, but it does make a little more sense that way.

Roman et al.--yes, I'm hoping all these films: Chappie, Star Wars, Terminator do well, Avengers too, because not only do I just like good, fun films, but also it's within my favorite genre. Here's hoping they are. I'm guessing with a title like Genisys it's going to somehow go back to the formation of the Terminators.

One of the things I found so interesting about those first two films was when they showed some scenes from the apocalyptic world when the machines took over. I generally don't read up too much about movies beforehand as not to spoil storylines.

Richard: ha ha, she can probably buy Kentucky now. I did not see the last installment of Hunger Games as it got such mixed reviews, but I guess I better add it to the NF queue as I know I'll end up seeing the last film. I'm on the bandwagon that feels they probably should have just made one last movie rather than going the money-grab way of splitting the last installment into two separate movies--but I guess if the money is just sitting there on the table...


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