Monday, October 13, 2014

More comics and nostalgia

Woke up early this morning early because the skies let loose a big gullywasher.  This is the second day for a big rain storm, as it rained yesterday a great deal as well, so the ground is pretty saturated at this point.  But as long as we don't experience any flooding, I'm fine with it.   I live up on elevated land, so I should have too much to worry about, but you never know. 

When I finally did get out of bed, I browsed on the computer a bit.  I generally check in over at Chuck's site ( on comics, which is here.    He reviews a new comic he read recently, unless it's Thursdays, I believe, where he post a review on an older classic issue. I don't keep up with comics the same way I used to, they are just too darn expensive, and I don't have the storage space for them either.  However, I still enjoy keeping up with them somewhat and I'll buy something occasionally as well.  I don't buy very much though, and when I do prefer to pick it up in a collection of some sort.  I don't buy very many monthlies though, unless I run into a great bargain box full or find some used comics in a used bookstore or somewhere like that.

Anyway, I'm doing laundry now, and I'm fixing to set my VCR for the  Fox Channel's Gotham series.  I'm still a bit on the fence of whether or not I'm a fan of this show, though I keep watching it, so I guess you could say I think it's watchable.  For the past Monday nights for as long as I can remember though, my default program is The Antique Roadshow on PBS, which is why I have to set up the VCR, although I see for the past couple of weeks they've re-aired Gotham on Friday.  I don't know how much longer that will last, but works for me too.  Between Arrow, Gotham, and Flash,  so far I enjoy the Flash best, but it's still a bit too early to tell.  I haven't been that keen on the CW's Arrow, but I'm making an attempt to give it more attention this season and see if it clicks.

At any rate, staying with the nostalgia, comic book theme I ran into this podcast with these two guys.  They talk about buying comics in their youth and a lot of other topics, but you might want to listen to their podcast.  I downloaded it so I can listen to it again later. 

Episode 10 MitchMan meets MatMan - The Greatest Podcast Team-Up EVER


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