Sunday, September 14, 2014

It Takes All Kinds

 Sometimes I'll post something on this blog because I run into it online and I'm not familiar with it, but would like to investigate if further.  This is one of those self indulgent times.  Case in point is SF author, Randall Garrett.  His name and work is news to me, and after doing a short Google to find out more about him, I see he was quite prolific writing for Astounding Science-Fiction in the  50's and 60's, and had, well, let's just say a wild streak and unusual personality quirks with the ladies.  (Check out the IRoSF link below for that.)

His full name was  Gordon Randall Phillip David Garrett, but used a bunch of pen names like David Gordon, Darrel T. Langart, Alexander Blade, Richard Greer, Clyde Mitchell, among others.  If you had been a fan of his writing, he'd been hard to keep up with using all those pseudonyms.  He also collaborated with Robert Silverberg, most notable their Nidor series where they write about bringing an Earth civilization to an alien planet.  From what I've read his most impressive solo work is his, Too Many Magicians, Murder and Magic, and Lord Darcy Investigates.

Anything You Can Do, which is the book I was interested in (I'll provide a readable link in a sec), is about a battle between a superhuman and an alien. 

At any rate, if interested more more on the randy author check out the site: Internet Review of Science Fiction. 

I also found a free PDF courtesy The Project Gutenberg eBook in you're interested in reading, Anything You Can Do. 

There's also a Youtube audio book and they have some of his other books over there as well:


At 5:49 AM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

It often surprises me how well-written pulp sf/fantasy sometimes is. The contrast with the subject matter makes one smile.

At 9:07 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Yeah, it can be readable on several levels, I think. At least for me there's nostalgia or history in that a lot of famous writers came from that era: Lovecraft, Howard, Matheson, or whomever you wish to point to. The Randall Garrett curiosity came about due to his book Anything You Can Do, but also his screwball behavior at some of the conventions he'd attend.

Not many writers introduce themselves to females with a line like: Hi, I'm Randall, wanna go to bed? I guess we all have our own style.


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