Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If you believe it, they will come

I'm always amazed at how people spend their free time, and what they chose to believe.  I guess if it doesn't hurt or kill somebody that should be okay.  Also if it enhances your life in some way, I guess that's a good thing as well.  I've always had a streak of skepticism, however, so I find it hard to buy-in to some oddball philosophies like Dianetics and Scientology, (I just went to their web site and the new age mystical music already starts up), no less the above religion or philosophy or whatever you want to call it.

Heck, I have a hard time with regular organized religion at times--not that I don't mind knowing more about it.  At any rate, for those that don't know Jello Biafra, he used to be a lead singer for the hardcore punk band, Dead Kennedys.  Since the demise of punk, he's sort of gone on to do standup and spoken word stuff, and I guess whatever else he can make a living at.

The above video is weird, I'll admit, and like a traffic wreck, at times hard to look away.  It doesn't help much that the members of  Unarius dress up in clown-like costumes.  I'll give Jello one thing, though, he was a pretty good interviewer, as he doesn't make fun of the group, adds some pretty good questions, and doesn't  mock them, more just asking unbiased questions.

Sort of seemed like some music from the British space rock band is appropriate after watching the YT video with the Unarius cult.  Beam me up Scotty. 


At 6:35 AM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

Michael Shermer, contributor at Scientific American and Skeptical Inquirer, showed that high IQ actually makes a person more susceptible to wacky theories, apparently because he or she is able to defend them with creative and convoluted reasoning beyond the capabilities of dimmer folk. More than once I’ve had the disconcerting experience of listening to and broadly agreeing with an intelligent exposition of some philosophy or historical interpretation, only to then hear the fellow say something outlandish about computer chips planted in our butts by CIA proctologists.

My personal favorite is David Icke and his theory of inter-dimensional reptiles who rule the world through select bloodlines that are sensitive to their vibrations. I couldn’t resist writing a short story based on that one over at my Richard’s Mirror site.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Ha, Richard, I think we've all run into "those types." Many years back I attended an art show at a university, and was introduced to a rather scholarly guy, that seemed somewhat eccentric, yet intelligent (though I think sometimes think that's hard to gauge).

I was asked by one of the artist if I could take him home, which I agreed. He was into some sort of martial arts, diet, meditation, etc. I'm a pretty decent listener, and don't know much about that stuff anyway. So just listened to him, and asked a question or two.

I let him continue with his stories and asked him what the up-shot to all of his learning and endeavors were? And he said to live forever. Ha. I guess to each their own.

Someone once said that if you're rich you're eccentric, but if you're poor, you're just plain crazy.

(I'll check out your story, thanks.)


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