Thursday, May 08, 2014

6 x 6 show

The Drybrush Master from Ben Tobin on Vimeo.

I've been a little busy lately with some artwork.  I ran across the above video today, which is about graphic artist, Greg Ruth, that I thought I would share.  It's more like the type graphic artwork that you'd see in comics and graphic novels.  My art isn't anywhere near that level, but sometimes I'll just like to watch stuff like this to inspire.  Plus I've been perusing Youtube for this type thing lately to get ideas about technique and just brush up (pardon the pun) on my knowledge of things.

A couple of weeks back I went to an annual event here in Tyler, which I wrote about earlier, where they had a bunch of artist selling, showing, and demonstrating their artwork at a historical landmark here in Tyler.  I met a lady there that makes pottery, and she told me that she gives lessons from time to time, and said if interested, I should consider taking a course.  So I got on her email list and sure enough she had a course one Saturday.  I don't know much about pottery, but hey, I was game.  It was a small class, and  just about the right size to manage.  We ended up making a sconce. 

This may have not been what I thought we were going to do in the class, but it's a starting point, and since I know next to nothing about pottery, I was just happy to learn a few things, and I was pretty happy with the way mine turned out (the above picture is not mine, just an illustration).  At any rate, I learned a few things from just being there that one day class other than how to mold the object and create the artwork, which is another reason I wanted to go.  I was hoping to network with others in the class as well, which I did.  Joan, the lady holding the class, asked if I'd like to volunteer for the upcoming 6 X 6 Gallery 110 show.  I told her I thought that be fine if it can be worked around my schedule as I've also got some dentist appointments this month. 

So the past couple of weeks I've met downtown at the gallery to find out about the show, and what all I might have to do.  It's fairly unobtrusive, so it's been pretty fun so far.  I also volunteered to hang the artwork coming in, which is a good way to view everything and not have to attend the opening night.  That's a good deal, although I'll be put to work, but I've been to their opening nights, and it's so crowded I found it a distraction and hassle.  The gallery is pretty small, and it's packed like sardines, and people are drinking, chatting, and with the noise level etc., gets a bit chaotic.  So this might be a good way for me to get a preview and not have to attend later.  

So right now, I've got three small 6 inch X 6 inch canvases that I've been working on.  One is already completed, and is sort of a pop art piece.  The figure on the artwork I got from an old episode of the Twilight Zone.   If you are familiar with that show, it's the one about a  young woman having her face redone as she thinks she's a freak, and wants to be like everybody else in society.  The doctor assures her that he thinks that's possible, but she's had several of these attempts and if  it doesn't work this time, she'll have to be put in with others of her kind. (You get the idea that the freakish people are separated from the rest of society.)  Well, the way this episode is filmed we never see the actors faces or the face of the woman until the climax where she gets her bandages removed.  There's a certain tension to it as they remove the bandages, and as a watcher you know there's going to be a twist ending.  Sure enough, one of the hospital staff shrieks as they remove the last of her bandages and at the final reveal.  I won't spoil the ending, heh heh.

At any rate, I'm being pretty diversified in what I've I'm entering.  The above mixed media work is more or less what I'm into momentarily, meaning contemporary art, and pop art that sort of thing.  The current painting I'm working on is more a crowd-pleaser, and is a colorful landscape.  This one is taking me longer that I would have guessed, which is always the case for this sort of thing.  I should have also primed the canvas beforehand, but it's working, so I'm going with the flow.  I haven't really thought about what I might do for the third canvas, but I've got a few ideas.  I'll just see what my timeline looks like and think about what I might want to do.  But overall, it's been rather fun. 


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