Friday, April 18, 2014

Recap Outer Limits

Well, I'm not totally certain where I stand with AT & T.  When I last saw one of their tech guys, he left after he called his supervisor, and basically said I wanted to cancel the service.  I believe he referred to it as a Stop & Mop 2-80 or something like that.  I'm guessing the code was for stopping the new service, and mop up, and the 2-80 probably meant, this guy's an asshole and doesn't want to play ball.  But whatever it meant,  he left after telling me my order had been canceled, and that he'd (or someone) would be back to clean things up, and we'd get to the heart of the matter.

I asked him if he could return earlier in the day on Thursday (as at this point I just wanted to get this over with), and he gave me the "look", which I can only guess meant--heck, if I know, I just work here.   Well, Thursday I goofed off as much as possible, and in the afternoon I started getting antsy, wondering if anyone was going to come over at all.  So I called their service number.  Sure enough, no one knew anything, but they said they'd put me on the date of next Tuesday for a tech guy to show up.   Since I had them on the phone, I related the fiasco, and they told me the tech guy was wrong, that the price they quoted was legit--there would be just one bill, and it would be cheaper.  The guy even gave me another number just to confirm it, which I did.

So I can only assume the voice mail, call forwarding, etc. is just a package deal, and either you can use it or not.  So who knows?   I figured I'll wait and see how this all plays out.  If I get rooked, I can always cancel this service and go with Suddenlink, which is who I have my cable with and should get me a lower price point with a bundle anyway.

 Neat artwork above by Gregg Manchess on The Outer Limits monsters.  I used to watch those on TV and still enjoy the earlier programs from that.  I never thought the newer Outer Limits series hit the same chord as the older series did, and I'm not entirely sure why.  But there's definitely a distinguishing difference.  Maybe it is the stories or it's the way they're directed (I suspect it's more the direction), but whatever it is, they never achieved the same greatness as the original run, although I missed many of the episodes of the newer series and wished someone would re-air them.

It's amazing that they could do so much with the the original series without many effects  and the stories were pretty cerebral at times too.  The above artwork comes from an art show celebrating the program and a new book that's out celebrating The Outer Limits' 50th Anniversary.  I'm always a sucker for that sort of coffee table book with nice pictures and what have you, so I might keep an eye out for it in the future.  I still don't have the original run on DVD either, although I've sort of been looking to pick up a box set. 

I enjoy most of the same episodes that most fans of the show have enjoyed as well, like The Architects of Fear, Soldier, Demon With A Glass Hand, I, Robot, and the rest.  But I think the one episode that freaked me out the most was the one called The Mice.  In that episode a prisoner has volunteered for an experimental exchange program to be transported to an alien planet, Chromo, in exchange for one of their scientist to come to earth via a teleportation-like machine.  Their selected scientist shows up and it's hideous, that alone sent fear through me just thinking how it would be to be a prisoner having to go to their planet full of these creatures.  At the same time I suspected the creature to be evil and nefarious deeds to come from it.   The story and camera follow the creature-scientist around for a while on the military compound and we discover its intentions  to be imperialistic.  At any rate, it was a great program for its time, and made me into the monster kid or adult that I am today.

By the way, I ran across the artwork off the Creature Features website, they have some other links and stuff on there that might be of interest. 


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