Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday here already?

 "Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired"  is a song by the British band Traffic, and it is a rather melancholy tune, but I can feel that way at times.  Let's face it, life isn't a bowl of cherries, even if  you are Donald Trump or Bill Gates, although their worries are small and insignificant compared to most blue collar working people on a daily scale, I'm sure even they have worries and fears.  Long gone are my brash days of youth, where all is well with the world, and I feel like I could live forever (that's also the folly of youth:  young, dumb, and full of cum--that's how we'd joke about it at work).  I guess that fades with age, and as you get older and hopefully smarter, you change, and become less idealistic, and more realistic; and the older/wiser you get, the less you know.  Granted you know more that you knew back when you were younger, you are more at ease with yourself in some ways, but you also realize that the world is about what it's going to be, you really can't change it, and that can be fine too.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't suppose to be a depressing rant.  I'm generally not a depressing person, generally I try to remain positive.  I also don't deal with depression too much.  Granted I've had my bouts with it, and still do, I guess that's normal in life.  Happiness can be fleeting, and to tell you the truth I don't have a lot of wants.  Sure, I have wants, and a lot of them are just that "wants".   But peel away that layer, and most of my necessities are either doable or sate.  Yet, as I've aged I still feel inadequate at times, insecure, and I guess that's just a part of life or maybe just a part of my personality.  Granted I,  just like everyone else, get too wrapped up in life to dwell on these matters for too long, as there's always something I need to do that supersedes all this self-absorption and I have to jump right back into being involved and get busy with life.

At any rate, I think everyone struggles with life from time to time, and life is what you make of it.  So might as well jump right in and make the most of it.   Lately I watched the movie, The Conjuring.  It wasn't real, real scary, but that's okay, as if they'd had any jump out scares in it, I might have soiled myself.  For me it was just about right.

Supposedly it was based on some true account, although if that's true, and it might well be, as I have read that the Warrens, who the tale is about, at least are real people, however, whether or not everything they believe or subscribe to might be iffy, a canard, or done for self gain.  Who knows?  I remain a skeptic, but at least the movie was enjoyable, creepy, and fairly entertaining.

The Conjuring, directed by James Won, who also directed Insidious and the Saw franchise, did pretty well with this haunted house type movie.  It seemed to be a throwback to some of the earlier horror films of the 70's or 80's like The Changeling or The Amityville Horror that didn't rely on a lot of gore to shock viewers, profanity just to boost its ratings (or be hip), and several of the other cliched devices of horror that, quite frankly, don't work for me.  I prefer atmosphere, suspense, and a good story. 

As I said it's based on the paranormal investigations of the Warrens, the husband is a teacher of sorts, and his wife, a clairvoyant.  Their part of the story sort of reminded me of the X-Files a bit, so if that's your thing, you might enjoy it as well.  They are called upon to investigate a farm house up in Rhode Island where a family is having some unusually spooky and crazy occurrences in their newly bought, older home.  They've spent most of their life savings on the place, and their five daughters are being scared silly, and need some help to figure out what is going on, and help cleanse it, if possible.  It's a slow burn, which  drew me into the story.  I liked how it concerned these crazy objects, like the scary doll above, which were vessels for demons that affixed themselves to the objects.  Rather than say much more, if you enjoy a haunted house tale, you might want to check it out.  I had fun with it.

Also picked up the fourth season of Star Trek: Next Generation on eBay.  I got it at a  pretty good price so I was happy for the winning bid.  I have a lot of other rat killing to do today, so better end here, and get busy.


At 11:28 AM, Blogger SFF said...

I actually really enjoyed The Conjuring.

We watched it in the dark at about 11:00 pm and boy it was scary.

They are making a new film about that scary little doll too.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

SFF--that's the first I heard about a sequel, I'd be game for that. A lot of horror misses the boat for me. Granted I don't watch a lot of horror for that reason. I've seen a lot of the newer horror films and feel like most of it is trying too hard to shock the viewer for shock sake or just not handled well enough. Some of them like Martyrs, I didn't get at all--still need to read a Cliff's Notes on that one. :)

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Richard Bellush said...

The spooky old house tropes are enduring. The Cat and the Canary (1927) has all the elements -- short scene: -- and still works. I'll keep an eye out for The Conjuring.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Thanks Richard, I'll keep an eye out for The Cat and the Canary. I've heard of the movie, but never seen it as far as I know. Thanks for the YT link. I'll check it out.


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