Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jaw Pain

Woke up this morning with some pretty painful jaw pain.  It was coming from the place where I've had a tooth extraction and soon will have a tooth implant done, so I don't know what's going on there, other than to say, it was painful to eat breakfast.  I popped a couple of Advils, and I hope that that helps.

I ran across this website called Crawford List Of  Fantasist Literature that I thought I would share, as I wanted someway to remember it as well.  He listed many works from the SF, horror, and fantasy world of books.

The CW Channel last week had a premier of a new SF show called, The 100.  I enjoyed it somewhat, but like a lot of the programming on the CW Channel I'm rather indifferent to their shows, although they have a lot of genre shows based on horror, SF, and so forth.  I haven't been following Green Arrow, which may be their biggest audience draw.  I've tried to get interested in it, and enjoyed the comic for a while (when Mike Grell was creator anyway).   I could tolerate The 100  for the full episode, and plan on tuning in next week to follow a few more episodes just too see where they are going with it. If you missed the initial episode you can watch it online at the link provided above.

My main problems with the CW's programs is that I find them somewhat annoying on some level.  Most of their shows suffers from multiple low budget things: either bad writing, bad acting, bad directing, too soap operatic or melodramatic, or a combination of those elements.  Granted to each their own.  I feel like the CW tries too hard to capture the Buffy the Vampire crowd, trying  to find a cult/smash "hit".  Another annoyance I have is that not many of their actors are very old, they seem to be in the 30's or younger range.  It's like Youngworld, or Logan's Run, after 30 years of age, they kill off the old farts.  Certainly they aren't the only TV show or movie to do this, but I wish Hollywood would allow older actors to be involved in such projects if they want their shows to seem realistic.  

One of my main criticisms with the pilot episode concerns the 100 teens or young adults who were sent to Earth.  There's a corrupt leader on the space station that orbits  Earth and in some cases has falsely accused them as criminals.  (It's just the first episode so it's hard to tell yet just who might be a criminal and who are falsely accused.)  Earth has had a nuclear exchange many years ago and feared to be still be contaminated.  So these 100 are sent down to test the waters, so to speak.  What I found unbelievable (poor writing), they gave all the 100 teens wrist bands to track them on Earth, yet the wrist bands aren't equipped with a radio or communication device, no cell phone, nothing?  Yet they are sophisticated enough to have built this giant space station in the sky....

That type plot hole writing grates on me after a while.  I think it's the sort writing that Hollywood or  TVland executives think, well, the shows for dumb teens, they won't know the difference (which they may be right, but I'd like to think better).   Of  the 100 teens sent to Earth, most of them seem easily manipulated, rebel against the system, and automatically follow this cult-like leader.  Which leads me to believe maybe some of them are criminals (as some seem to have formed gang mentalities), yet are too clueless to actually think things through. Sad.  They would fit in well with the folks in the Idiocracy movie.   Minor gripes aside, it was tolerable, and had a few interesting things going for it.  I'll probably give it a chance and see if it will develop into something worth watching.


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