Sunday, March 23, 2014

But Are You Experienced, Phillip K. Dick?

I first ran across this Robert Crumb comic in his anthology comic magazine, Weirdo.  Weirdo was a mixed bag of alternative and underground comics and creators.  It came at a pretty healthy time when underground comics had pretty much died off and the alternative scene like Love and Rockets, Hate, Yummy Fur, Eightball, American Splendor, and others were springing up on the newsstands.  At the same time there was a pretty healthy zine culture.  Most of the zine culture has been taken over by the internet by way of blogs, but there are still alternative comics out there, though they usually have smaller print runs due to their popularity when compared to the mainstream stuff like Superman or Batman.  

This story about Phillip K. Dick was one of Weirdo's more memorable strips done by Crumb himself.  It appeared in Weirdo #17.  I remember loaning my copy to a friend, who upon looking at the cover, was a loss for words, sort of going, "Gee, that's going to look nice sitting on my coffee table."   We continued to joke off and on about the poor taste of the cover  throughout that day as we ran around town.  At any rate, the story though has a lot of impact, you can find it here.  


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