Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Spock vs. Data

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I found a couple of things over on the Tor.com site that I thought I might share. One is an interesting article by Emily Asher-Perrin on the differences between Data vs. Spock.  Both are great characters, and I dig them both, so I won't choose who I like better.  Spock is half human, half Vulcan, and yet suppresses his human side.  Data is android, yet wants to understand the human experience.  Both are a bit at odds with their crew at times, offer a bit of comic relief, and sometimes are the butt of the jokes from other crew members.  However I'm not sure I totally agree with all Emily posits within the article, however, it was fun to read and food for thought.  It's funny that she mentioned how Data was anatomically correct.  I too had to wonder about that one.

Also on the Tor.com site they are offering a freebie download of some SF short stories. They are from the 2014 Campbellian Anthology.  That's 111 authors, and it's DRM-free.  This would be particularly great to grab if you have an e-reader, and if you don't, you can download an app that will allow you to read them on your laptop or desktop or what have you.  It is only offered for a short time, so if you think you might be interested, I'd go ahead the grab it now while it's available.  They also tell you where you can download an app to read them.  Link.

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A fun little quiz is up on the zimbio site.  You answer some questions, and they tell you which character from Star Trek: TOS  you'd be.  I turned out to be Kirk, woo hoo.  I haven't taken the Next Gen quiz yet, but I plan too, just to see who I might be.  I had a friend that said he turned out to be Khan, ha, so maybe there's villains too. 


At 11:32 AM, Blogger SFF said...

That was fun.

Apparently I am Scotty.


At 5:30 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Ha ha, I'm giving it all I can Captain!! Gotta love that Doohan.

At 5:27 AM, Blogger SFF said...

Get the gyro stabilizing crystals ready captain. Ha

At 10:07 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Spock: "This is becoming highly illogical, Captain."


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