Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another bust

Well today was pretty much another bust as the antibiotics I was taking still has my stomach upset with heartburn to no end.  Sometimes when I'll eat something it'll subside, but return later.  I don't think I'll take another pill and see how I sleep tonight.  At least I wrote a small comic review, which I'll post later. 

The computer is such a marvelous invention, I'm continually amazed by it, and so used to it, I can't imagine being without one now.  I do remember growing up most of my life without a computer and the so called computer age.  I wonder if modern kids take it for granted? 

I watched a Star Trek: Next Generation episode the other night called The Neutral Zone.  The Enterprise finds a derelict spaceship and send over a crew to investigate.  They find several people inside the ship  in cryonic hibernation, however, some of the crew has perished, but there are still three people who are still intact.  They take them back to the Enterprise, and are, more or less, brought back to life, and now it is 300 years in the future for them.  It's two males and a female.  They marvel at their new future. With it brings also sadness because their family and everyone they have ever know is now passed.  One of the cool things about the episode though is that it got me to thinking how that would be if I could do something like that.  I would jump at the chance.  Granted I wonder if our society will last that long at times or will we implode or destroy ourselves?   Still it offered up a lot to think about, and I enjoyed that aspect of it.

I wanted to also post a link I found today, as I've just started looking around on this site, and it's all free podcast of SF and genre radio shows.  Some are taken from franchises, so I don't know if they got the rights to use Star Trek, Space: 1999, Resident Evil or whatever to create their radio dramas, or if they did it from a fan perspective and put it out there.  But some of them might be cool to investigate further.  I listened to one called Star Trek: Outpost, which was done pretty well.  It didn't stream that well with the online player that they provided, stopping and buffering many times, so with some of the episodes,  it might be better to go ahead and download the show and play it back on some other software on your own computer like RealPlayer or Winamp or whatever you use to listen to such things.  At any rate, there's a lot to explore, so here's a link. 


At 8:19 AM, Blogger SFF said...

El Vox. Gosh, hope you feel better soon. Sounds terribly uncomfortable. I think about teeth every now and then.

When I was a kid I used to think all of the older people around me had fake teeth. I mean, how could they possibly still have their real teeth.

As I age I realize now, they in fact actually had their real teeth. :)

Great look at The Neutral Zone. Very strong episode for Season One of ST:TNG. Look forward to covering it soon. But, like you, it was a favorite from that season.

At 11:41 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

SFF Fan--Well, whatever it was, I guess and hope, was transitory. I went to the implant surgeon who said things are going according to plan. :) My brother used to say the older years aren't golden, they're rusty. I think I can understand that. Kids don't come with instructions, and neither does old age or life for that matter. The main thing is to enjoy it while you can.


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