Friday, November 01, 2013

How Robots Will Change The World

A video from YouTube on How Robots Will Change the World.

I'm been missing in action.  Just too much stuff going on to post lately.  I've been looking for an automobile title, which I finally found.  It took me a week plus to run across it, but at least I also gathered together a box of paperwork to throw away as well.  So it wasn't all for naught. 

Over Halloween, I didn't do a lot, but did watch a bunch of movies off TCM.  They had a few Hammer horror movies on earlier and later a Vincent Price Marathon.  Most of them were worthwhile, and a few were a bit dry.  But over all a fun day.  Later that night they even had a short special on PBS about Lou Reed, which was pretty entertaining.   Here's sort of a rundown of the stuff I watched.  Some of them I sort of multi-tasked and did other things while I watched.

The Castle of the Living Dead--this one was pretty wack-o.  It did star Donald Sutherland in a really early double role (he played a Napoleonic soldier and an old witch as well).  It was one of those Italian films so had weird dubbed in dialogue.  

Dracula, Prince of Darkness--Hammer Horror Dracula movie.  I like all these Hammer horror movies, just about.  Some are better than the others.  I mostly like the Dracula and Frankenstein ones. 

The Pit and the Pendulum--Vincent Price loosely based on the Edgar Allen Poe story.  It had interesting sets, and I'd never watched it before, but was a little dry too.

Horror Express--pretty decent horror movie and sets from the Hammer Studios, taking place on a train.  Well, worth seeing if you never seen it.  Good sets,  props, and sort of period horror. 

I also taped The Witchfinder's General or Conqueror Worm with Vincent Price, but haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

While on the subject of horror, if you are a fan of the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine,  you can read them free online now or download them:  here. 


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