Wednesday, October 09, 2013

2013 Top 10 Films

I thought I'd post this concerning Tarantino's Top 10 films of 2013, so far.  I'll admit I haven't not seen any of these films yet, which kind of amazes me to some degree.  I guess I'm getting old, but also truthfully, I wasn't totally drawn to seek some of them out.

Being a Woody Allen fan, I have added Blue Jasmine to my queue.  I'm sure I'll enjoy it on some level.  I've heard some friends say that Gravity is a pretty cool film, some have even made it down to the IMAX theater to experience it in 3-D.  I'm sure that would be a cool experience as well. 

I guess the one film that just struck me wrong was the remake of The Lone Ranger.  I don't know if I'm just tired of Johnny Depp or I just felt he was channeling too much Jack Sparrow into the Tonto character, but something about it repelled me, and still does to some degree.  I think part of that is: Why can't Hollywood make a straight remake rather than making something for all ages or goofy, campy, or funny?  Disney studios may be partly to blame for that not that I have anything against Disney.  I can respect what they do.

I certainly remember going to films when I was a younger person and seeing more mature oriented films and enjoying them.  One of them was Flight of the Phoenix with James Stewart, which is still a favorite of mine today.  Amazingly entertaining film.  I suppose it has to do with money and target marketing.  That said though, I might give The Lone Ranger a chance on Netflix.  

Two films I'd probably have on my Top 10 Films in 2013  have to be Star Trek: Into Darkness and Pacific Rim.   Some of the others I'd have to think about, and it will probably take me a while to get around to seeing a lot of them.  I tend to run behind in my film watching.


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