Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Ever so often you run across something on the web that's so cool you just gotta share it right?   Well, I just found out about the Star Ship Sofa podcast today while looking around the web.  It's focused on the SF genre.  Since I just discovered it, I haven't listened extensively to any of them yet, I've just sampled a few bits and pieces of it here and there mostly to see if they still work and if the links are active. 

I just listen to episode  No. 94 by Jeffery Ford on a comic called Drafted, which sounded like an alien invasion comic that has already been optioned for a film adaptation.

 It looks like they cover a little bit of everything from books to authors, and even few SF artist.  They also have short stories and some poetry that they share.  There are updates on the Hugo and Nebula nominations.  All in all it looks like a nice effort by a couple of blokes (they sound Irish, could be Brits, but I'm not sure yet) that enjoy the SF medium.  Check it out, there may be something you find interesting.  I'll provide two links.

This link is for an archive of their shows:  http://www.starshipsofa.com/podcast-archives/

With this link it looks like you can download a MP3 version if you'd rather take the podcast on the go with you:     http://starshipsofa.libsyn.com/rss


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