Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rough draft story idea

Just like visual artist do rough pencil sketches,  I like to jot down sketches of story ideas. I got this one from looking at an image while also listening to some music.  These are the wellsprings of ideas that create images in my mind that stir it to want to try and formulate something.  I don't make any claims to being a writer or artist, although I've done a little bit of both. It's okay if you want to call me a dilettante.  I think of myself as more of a fan and admirer of the arts, and most of the time for me it's a pastime, or a way to be a little creative, and not much more than that. I think that's why I enjoyed poetry so much at one time in my life and still do to a degree as it was a quicker and less involved way to write down an idea.

                                                             The Chosen

And so it was, the chosen young dark mage apprentice, Gelph Coltsfoot, went into his master's learning chamber.  He was searching for a new potion to help him understand why he felt so alienated and didn't fit in with his other classmates.  He was hoping to find perhaps a new potion or spell that might make others find him more desirable, and friendly.  Isn't that what most of us long for in life?

He didn't fell this way when he was in the darkened woods.  Within that realm the deer, owls, and rabbits were there, harmless creatures that didn't shy away from Coltsfoot the way they did from other humans.  It was the home of the  moon sprites as well, though they were mostly shy, hiding about under brush and thicket. Although Gelph had spied one that wasn't quite as shy, and at times it would come out to flit about his ears once the evening sun had set.  He had shooed it away the first few times thinking it a mosquito or gnat, but after he caught a side glance at it, as they are very quick in flight, he steadied his hand.

His master was off on a journey to Greylady Castle on business and he did not feel that his purpose there was any business to a young whelp, particularly a learning apprentice.  The Winter's Harvest was approaching, so perhaps it had something to do with that.  Maybe he was elected to arrange some ceremony within the realm.  No matter, Gelph looked at his departure as a reprieve from all his formal duties and studies that was expected of him, and he could relax a bit more and sate his mind with some of his master's laboratory.   He was free to peruse the great library and roam about with all these potions and herbs scattered about, the apothecary equipment, and all that musty arcane manuscript.

His familiar, a pet mouse he'd named Anabell, was there with him.  She was his eyes and ears at times. She was once even his bodyguard tripping up a bully that had chased him into a barn.  Gelph ran up the ladder that led to a hayloft to try and hide, and as the bully ran up the ladder after him, Anabell ran down and landed on the bully's head, and with a scream, he let go and fell in some hay below.  Who knew, that such a loud brash clod would be afraid of a simple small  mouse?   Gelph was learning this was the way of the world, to expect the unexpected.  But hard as he tried to make friends, his closest ally and companion was Anabell.

Such is my indulgence on this Sunday morn.  Hope yours turns out well.


At 8:24 AM, Blogger Roman J. Martel said...

Thanks for sharing!

I pick up story ideas in very similar ways, listening to music, looking at various art or even reading movie reviews. Seriously. I read a review about an italian horror movie, the elements sounded so interesting that it inspired a short story experiment where I pulled some of those ideas and mixed them around. Turned out be a lot of fun to write, but was pretty bizarre when read.

We all need our creative outlets, and fiction is mine, but honestly I've been a bit rusty on it lately. Been having a lot of fun with my blog.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Roman--thanks. Well, writing for a blog is certainly an outlet. There's certainly nothing wrong with that or writing reviews, or anything else that keeps you active. The Italian movie review/or your story from it sounded interesting to me. I think it is interesting to hear about where others get their story ideas from--the kernel for the idea. It's fun to at least try and write a story from time to time, even if it's just a beginning--at least it's a start. :)


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