Friday, July 05, 2013

R.I.P. Richard Matheson

I'm listening to the radio as I type this, I just got through listening to Performance Today, which is classical radio program that can be found on the web if interested.  I started listening to this every morning when I woke up and had breakfast back when I live in West Texas (Odessa),  and now it's become a mainstay with me, forming and developing my taste for classical music.  I love it.  Now though, it being Friday, the programming has changed over to Classical Guitar Alive, which is classical pieces performed on guitar by various musicians.  It's good too.  You can get it via podcast if so inclined--scroll down the link and you'll see a link to do that.  Both are pretty sublime ways to start a day. 

At any rate, I ran across the piece on Richard Matheson the writer who passed away recently.  I'm more familiar with his work that was turned into movies and television episodes, although I do have a book of short stories around here somewhere.  I thought I would share it as it's pretty interesting.  The article by David Bianculli is titled, Richard Matheson: His 10 Greatest TV Achievements.  

On the home front, I still have the leftovers of a sinus infection, but it's dissipating ever so slowly as these things seem to do.  I think I'm going to get out for a bit today, get a bit of exercise and sunshine.  This past week has been beautiful here, nice and sunny, and not too hot, which for an East Texas summer you can't beat..  Hope you're enjoy it there too.  Cheers.


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