Thursday, July 11, 2013

Movie rundown

I thought I'd update some of the better films I've seen lately.  This isn't all of them, the lessor ones I've already forgotten about.  Most of these films, I thought were entertaining, and well made.  I had my doubts about the newest James Bond movie, Skyfall, but darn, it was pretty good.  The first part of the film still had me doubting whether or not I would be able to get into it or not because it starts out in typical James Bond fashion with a cliched automobile chase scene.  Lately my taste for 007 and his antics have left me a bit uncaring.  My favorite era for the character is the Sean Connery incarnation, and a few movies after that were pretty decent too.  But around the Roger Moore era, I felt like everything went over-the-top, Bond became a more or less a super hero, comic book character able to leap off buildings with a single bound, and fly jets, and what have you stunts that are beyond the capacity of us normal puny humans.  Daniel Craig plays a pretty good Bond, however, and after the initial car scene and as the movie continued I felt drawn into the plot.  This new installment concerns itself with an attack on the agency, M16, and Bond has to try to find out who is repsonsible.  He and M's relationship is also tested, and we are left to wonder if 007 has lost his touch, and perhaps should retire.  I can see why this installment of Bond got all the accolades it did.

I'd heard that Silver Linings Playbook was a good film, but didn't know much about it beyond that.  I sort of went into it blind not knowing much about it other than it dealt with bipolar disorder.  I was expecting something a bit dour, downbeat, and emotional so I was really happy when within a few minutes into the film I thought it was well written, a bit dark around the edges, and really pretty funny.  It's not funny in the sense of a normal comedy, but it's certainly there.  In  fact, I don't care much for modern comedies anymore as most of them resort to toilet humor, teenage shenanigans, and generally concern themselves with inane situations.  I feel the same way about TV sitcoms too.  Silver Lining Playbook takes a family that has had a major crisis--their son is coming out of a mental hospital (if I remember correctly) and also he has just gone through a divorced from his wife, and once he gets home has to adjust to living under the roof with his parents again.  That alone would be hard to do, but after all he's gone through, even more so.  He begins to put his life back together while still holding a torch for his past wife and hoping to repair that relationship.  I won't spoil the rest of the story for you, I'll just say, check it out.  It is a mature film with mature themes so there some offensive language etc. so it's not a family type film.  So if you have young kids you might want to put them to bed first.

Well, more later.  I didn't get by the store yesterday.  Man, where is this week going?  It seems like it's going to be a fast one.  Laters.


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