Sunday, July 14, 2013

I got up today and read a couple of comics.  I think I'll maybe post something about that  tomorrow.  I'll shift gears, as I'd like to try to make the new film, Pacific Rim, today, and I feel like I'm already running behind.
At any rate, after I read some comics I got on the web and was looking around at different things as I'm want to do.

One of my  interest is horror and Sci-Fi movies.  To go along with that, when I was growing up, I used to build models as well, and put together cars and airplanes first, and then when the Universal Monster Aurora Model kits came along and I built those, and some of those Big Daddy Roth Weird-O kits too.  Back some time ago, I found there was even fandom surrounding the kit building hobby.

When I was at a newsstand, I found this small fandom magazine, with the unlikely title of  Kit Builders & Glue Sniffers.  The name of it was whimsical and brought a smile to my face as I could identify where they were coming from.  Inside the magazine, it was filled with different techniques on how to make your models better,  how to create better paint jobs, plus it had pictures from different models that readers had put together and sent in, and so forth.  It was a cool mag while it lasted.    

Long story short, I was looking around the web to see if such magazines still exist and so forth.  I ran into this video on Youtube, which I  thought I'd share about modelling.  If you enjoy that sort of thing, check it out. It's divided up into several parts, so you might bear that in mind if you want to watch the full video.  Also what I've got posted here is actually, ModelMania Vol 1 01 part B.  For some reason using the software to blogger I can't find part 1 or it isn't working for me, but you can find it here.  



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