Monday, July 08, 2013


I've been meaning to add a comic update.  I wanted to also direct your attention towards this site that has some unusual takes on the DC Watchmen comic from a few years back.  The topic for that day was:  Come up with a concept for AFTER Watchmen! Come up with your best (or worst) plot ideas of stuff that could have happened after Watchmen #12. Kid Rorschach? Dr. Manhattan Force? Do your best (or worst)!   At any rate, there's some interesting ideas there that are fun to look at, and some other topics as well that you might like mull over.

I haven't been reading a lot lately.  I guess my mind has been distracted to other things of late and hard for me to focus.  Who knows?

I did read and enjoy the first issue to The Hour of The Dragon adapted from the Robert E. Howard novel by Tim Truman and art by Tomas Giorello.  I haven't picked up the second issue yet, which is currently on the stands, and need to run by and get a copy.  I also have the book at home, and started reading it.  Here's a preview of the comic if you want to check out the story and art. 

Also Saga by writer Brian K. Vaughn with artist Fiona Staples continues to be a worthwhile read. Sort of a cross between  Star Wars-style action and the Game of Thrones drama in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for mature readers.  I'm behind in reading them, but they remain pretty interesting.  If interested in reading a preview of it, you can get it at this site.  I believe what you do is add it to your cart, and they don't charge you anything.  Beware though about Sage, it has mature sexual themes at times.

Fatale by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philliips remains an interesting read if you enjoy a horror comic sort of a mixture of H. P. Lovecraft and crime noir.  They've  taken  time building the story, and  isssue #12, above is a stand alone story, but  I  like what I've read so far.  The femme fatale has a mystery revolving around her as she has a past that goes back beyond normalcy and retains her beauty.  The first story arc was a tad bit confusing due to the flashbacks, but I read and re-read it several times, in graphic novel form, and the more I read it the more I got into it.  It's a creepy comic.

My brother had some Astro City comics, that I found the other day while digging thru some of his comic boxes.  I also noticed that the covers had been signed as well in gold ink.  I can't make out the glyph, cryptic-like signature, but I assume it is by the writer, Kurt Busiek.  The art is drawn by Brent Anderson, which I really enjoy and the covers have been done by Alex Ross, whom I really enjoy as well.  All in all it's a great comic about super heroes.  It seems to take place in some retro place in time, not modern day per se.  They seemed to have the feel of the 50's or something, and it seems what Busiek has done is taken his own slant on the mainstream super heroes that we know like Superman, Catwoman, or Batman and Spider-Man, and created his own super heroes with a similar tone to tell his own stories with his own mythos.  They're fun reads and there is a new Astro City that is just out starting a new story arc, it should be fun.


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