Tuesday, July 02, 2013

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Lately I've felt like warmed over death or something similar to that.  The other day when it was 100 degrees plus I was cleaning out the metal storage building to my house, and either came down with a head cold or a sinus infection due to all the dust and mold.  Whatever it is, I hope I can get rid of it asap.  I went to the doctor the other day for my usually quarterly exam as I have high blood pressure, and the doctor gave me some antibiotics, hopefully those will kick in pretty quickly.  Thanks God for the NeilMed Sinus Rinse it has helped me out of similar attacks and jams countless times.  If you haven't gotten one, I recommend them highly.

So anyway with this current dose of crud, I haven't been very industrious, mostly just laid around the house yesterday and blew my nose, although I did accomplish washing some dishes and made supper.  Minor miracle.  I thought I'd post a few links to other sites I follow about comics, just because I forget about them too from time to time.

Pencilink.blogspot.com--showcases famous comic creator's art with small bios about them them--with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one (sorry couldn't resist the Arlo Guthrie reference).

Ripjaggerdojo.blogspot.com--has been around a long time and always worth a visit.  He spotlights many comics and comic related items that makes me want to order something right away like the current  Savage Worlds by Roy G. Krenkel.  He also has links to other cool sites, so pay him a visit. 

Gurneyjourney.blogspot.com--is the blog of famous artist and all around dinosaur fan, James Gurney who wrote the Dinotopia books, which are fun reads with great art.  He keeps it pretty up-to-date as well.

Comicoftheday.blogspot.com--spotlights a comic book review per day.  They are fun to read without spoilers.  I got there daily to get my comic book fix.   

Comicbookcatacombs.blogspot.com--spotlights generally golden age comics that are in public domain, and the current posting spotlights a jungle adventure called Thun'da by Bob Powell. 

Diversionsofthegroovykind.blogspot.com--does a similar blog spotlight all sorts of comics.  Some neat stuff on there. 

Well, maybe more later, time to blow my nose again, and see what's what.


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