Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Last night I went to sleep listening to Soft Machine's first and second albums.  Kevin Ayers died the other day and was bassist on their first release, so I thought it was appropriate, and I was in the mood for something a bit avant-weird, so this tasty bit of jazzy psychedelia filled the bill. 

Last night I watched Survivor.  A lot of people don't have much use for reality TV, and I don't watch a whole bunch of it myself, because it's mostly concerned with redneck hillbillies, who I try to steer clear of in real life, so why would I want to watch their idiocy on TV?  But I do like reality based shows like Antique Roadshow, Cops, ever so often, American Pickers, Market Warriors, Pawn Stars, and those shows that have some appeal and feed my collector mentality.  After that Nova was on PBS and was about the abnormalities of trouble teens and those with a propensity for violence like what took place at the theater in Colorado and at the Sandy Hook school, etc.  I had taped Arrow on the CW Channel, but I 'm just not a fan yet.  It's ok, but a bit too melodramatic, soap opera for me--sometimes the acting bugs me, sometimes the dialog, and sometimes it's just because I can't "hear" the dialog, I don't know if this is something with my TV set or I need better speakers or too much wax in my ears, but it just sounds muffled at times.  There was an actress on there last night that I swear, if I listened really hard, I could only make out about half of what she said, and that causes a distraction.  But then again, it's okay, but it's different from what I'm used to from having read the old Mike Grell comic books. 

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I read the first issue of Joe Kubert Presents on DC comics.  It was pretty good.  The first story was a Hawkman story, which I enjoyed.  Kubert added some collage type photos into his drawn art, sort of like some of the experiments that Kirby did back in his middle career, but I think with the advent of computers, Joe's looked a lot better and enhanced his story.  The other story that he did in it was really interesting too called, Spit.  About a young runaway orphan, that was trying to find something to eat, and gets a job as a galley boy aboard a ship.  The comedy/gag story I didn't care much for.  I don't know if Joe's reasoning behind it was to break up the drama strips, but I would have been happier just to keep it all drama.  It was called Angel and the Ape by Brain Buniak.  Evidently Angel and the Ape was created and published by DC in their past history, and the strip did have a light, almost burlesque feel to it.  But still, it just wasn't to my liking, and I had to force myself to get through it.  I did enjoy Sam Glauzman's WWII story though.  He was a seaman aboard the U.S.S. Steven, and I believe I have a slim graphic novel around the house somewhere that he had made, and this is more of his war stories, which he does very well.  It's about a gunner aboard a U.S. Destroyer, and he paints his tales full of realism, accuracy, pain and sorrow, to give the reader a good inside look of that history. 


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