Monday, July 02, 2012


I stayed up a bit last night after I got in from Walmart.  On the way home I stopped by Taco Bell to grab an extra salty burrito just to double check how well my blood pressure meds are working.  You know, give them a run for the money.  After I put stuff up, I started chowing down on the Mexican late night food, as I watched  the SF feature,  Children of Men,  which aired on the SyFy Channel.  I have a copy on DVD, but since I just wanted to eat, and not fuss with much, it seemed the thing to do.  It's a good movie, and like a swift kick to the gut.  Oh wait, ugh, before I get into that, I feel a rant coming on...

Affordable Health Care or as the GOP Republican spin zoners refer to it Obamacare.  It doesn't matter to me what you want to call it, it seems like a good thing.  It just amazes me that the GOP is full of the religious right wing, who worry about what religion the president subscribes to, whether or not some one is gay or straight, takes the high ground in morality, yet hates to see a health plan that would help many people in a dire way. Heck even if you're not a religious person, with halfway decent morals, I'd think you could see that. 

My take on it is:  I don't think healthcare should be tied to one's employment or employer.  They have been downsizing many people's benefits since the Ronald Reagan administration.  He was the great trickle down guy remember?  As an example though of why I think this way, here goes... My brother works in the telecom/computer industry, but it could be anywhere these days.  He got laid off not long ago, as many people have.  It's one thing to be depressed that you no longer have a job, and you have to start looking again, but you start pinching pennies too as you do not know when you'll find another job.  He was out driving around one day and a woman ran a yield sign at about 40 plus miles an hour and T-boned him.  He had the right of way.  It sent him spiraling around, a cop finally arrived, and he had to get his car towed off it was totaled.  Later it so happens the woman that hit him was driving a brand new pickup truck, without any insurance, she dropped her coverage a month or so after she'd bought it.  My brother tried to ask the cop about her insurance, etc. and the asshole cop, said, "Let me handle my job, sir."  The upshot to this is, if you are without a job and not insuranced through no fault of your own, and some catastrophic event of bad luck happens to you, your life turns from bad to worse financially.  The good thing is he wasn't killed or injured, but what if an ambulance had to pick him up and take him to the hospital, and he had to stay there for a couple of days in intensive care?  Do you know what the expense that is these days?   What if you were unemployed and you found out your wife had cancer, or you did, or something awful happened to your kid??   Do the same God fearing people just shrug and think, oh well, I got mine, too bad for you and your family.  Tough luck or worse yet, I don't care.   That's just one example. I'm sure there are many.  There's no reason that one child, teen, or adult should not be able to go seek medical attention in the USA, when we are as financially strong a nation as we appear to be.  We are one of the leaders in the world, yet without Affordable Health Care.  I've heard the excuse, we are heading towards socialism like Canada.  News flash, Canada isn't socialistic, they are capitalistic too.

I watched smug House Speaker, John Boehner in an interview on Sunday morning, and he's all about appealing Obamacare--like most Republicans.  Everything.  But when the interviewer asked him if he liked anything about it, he evaded the question.  She had to ask him point blank again.  She asked him about the part about keeping young adults 26 and younger on their parent's insurance plan.  He hemmed and hawed around, but finally agreed to that.  Then she asked him about insurance turning down people for a previous medical condition, which he evaded answering. He said once Obamacare is appealed they figure out what's best for the American people, blah blah.   I wanted to be like Judge Judy and say: It's a yes or no question!   Heck, even if a politician say yes these days,  it's a 50/50 chance whether it'll ever get done or not.  I guess I'm just overall a bit frustrated with politics.  It seems that both parties need to squabble less and work more like the common man has to in life.


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