Friday, June 22, 2012


A pretty uneventful week, but a quick week here as it seemed like it flew by.   I've mostly been busy doing a few chores, so it's not a lot to talk about really.   I sprayed  for bugs, and even climbed up in the attic and set off one of those bug sprayer bomb things to try and help with the problem.  I'd read that the bugs were going to be bad this year, due to a mild winter, and though I've struggled with them every year since I've been here, I keep tweaking my exterminating process.  It seems after I put one of those bug sprayers in the attic, they've retreated for a bit.  I've mostly had problems with these odd bugs that sort of look like overgrown silver fish.  I'd never seen them in West Texas, they have several legs like a caterpillar, but aren't worm-like, and you can swat them with a shoe and they pretty much disintegrate--so there's not much to them.  But one things for sure, there's more bugs and critters in East Texas than West Texas.  I guess there's more water, food, and stuff as a habitat here.  I saw a dragonfly the other day that was around six inches long.  So anyway it's more bug populated, plus add to the fact that we had a mild winter, and I guess this is to be expected.  I did get out one day and found one of the later Harry Potter films, Order of the Phoenix, that I didn't own at a pawn shop, which wasn't one of my favorite episodes. But it was one I was missing and I wanted to rewatch it to see if I could get into it this time around.  I never saw the last two films, The Deathly Hallows, either, so I'm a bit behind in that series, but I can catch up as time allows.  I also found a 3-disc set of the Peter Jackson's King Kong at Big Lots for $3., which I picked up.  I was on the fence about that one, but I've been in a dinosaur mood lately, so got it.  I still prefer the original King Kong best, but the Jackson film does have some neat scenery, and dinosaur action.

From Netflix, I rented The Woman in Black film.  It has Daniel Radcliffe, from the Harry Potter series, in it.  It's a horror film produced by the Hammer studios, which is really nice to see them back in action again.  They made some really cool movies in both Sci-Fi and horror.  I really enjoy their remakes of  Dracula and  Frankenstein during the 50's and 60's.  They also did pretty cool Sci-Fi films like the Quartermass series of films, The Creeping Unknown, an interesting version of The Hound of the Baskervilles  with Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes and Christopher Lee as Sir Henry Baskerville, as well as One Million Years, B.C. with Raquel Welch, and another strange dinosaur movie, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, which I keep hoping at some point in time, they'll release, in the uncut, original version. 

At any rate, The Woman in Black, like most of their other movies is done well.   I might describe some of their movies sort of like a genre based Masterpiece Theater.  In other words there's great attention to costumes, period sets, and getting the atmosphere and tone of the film just right.  Which is not to say the plots and acting is bad, because it is above par as well.  They are just well made movies in my book.  The Woman in Black is basically a throwback to the ghost story and also haunted house story.  Daniel Radcliffe plays Arthur Kipps, and he is sent to the old vacant house to obtain paperwork from it, so his company can sell the house.  He is told by his employer that he needs to do a good job on this or he'll be fired.  We find out that Radcliffe's wife had died when having their son during child birth, and we presume that he's had difficulty adjusting to that loss.

The location of the house is in a rural out of the way part of England, and he's confronted by unwelcoming town folks, although on his train ride to the location does meet and befriend one nice gentlemen, Sam Daily.  It turns out Daily has lost a son as well, so they share a bit of commonality. Arthur Kipps finally make it out to the old mansion and  starts sorting through the paperwork, but it doesn't take long until spooky occurrences begin to happen.  One of my little objections or nitpicks about the film are the loud noises meant as jump scares. Sort of like a cat jumping up into your face unexpectedly and what have you.  I wish they hadn't done the film that way, as it's a bit of a cheap way to get a scare, but a minor annoyance.  I would have been fine without it, but I guess it does does work to some degree in getting the adrenaline flowing.  At any rate, it's a pretty fun film if you enjoy a good ghost story and mystery.  It's worth a watch.


I found out about another film this past week called Humongous, which out of print.  It's an 80's horror slasher movie, and I saw that it was available for watching on Youtube.  It's a crazy film that was a lot of fun if you enjoy that sort of thing.  It's sort of an unknown classic for some horror fans.  I can see why.   If you are interested in watching that you might want to check it out pretty quickly as Youtube has a way of taking films like that down off their network, particularly if there's any nudity or too much gore, etc.  You can find Humongous here.


I guess I've just been in a horror mood lately, as I also rewatched the movie, Prophecy again. I'd seen it some time back, when a friend showed it to me some time ago one Saturday night. It's a pretty interesting environmentally themed horror film. It has Talia Shire, from the Rocky films in it among other actors. It has nice location shots of forest areas and such, and has a nice outdoors, summertime feel to it.  It's out of print as well, but you can view it on YouTube as well, just do a search on it, it's easy to find.  It's in several parts, but if you're in the mood, it's worth a watch. 


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