Saturday, June 16, 2012


It's been a pretty normal week around here.  Yes, the weather has turn hot and into summer, I guess that's to be expected.  Summer is my least favorite time of year.  In East Texas it's the pits as you have to deal with the heat and the humidity.  At least in West Texas after the sun goes down, it cools down pretty well.  All I can say is thank God for air conditioning, otherwise, I had to move up to the Rockies or further up north.

So we've had a chance of rain all week, and it's rained all around the area, keeping everything humid like a steam room.  I've been trying to get to the cinema to see Prometheus, a prequel by Ridley Scott, the director that made the first film, Alien.  The weather kept me from going a few times, as I just can't see driving across town to the theater, and have a hail storm roll through, messing up my car.  If you think that might be something silly to be afraid of, check out the hail storm that rolled through the Lakeview area in Dallas recently.  It was bad--golf ball and tennis ball-size hail stones with spikes on the ends of them.  It really did some damage to homes and cars.


At any rate, I finally got my act together, and made it to the cinema on Friday.  Prometheus was a great film  too as I think there was only me and one other guy in the audience.  I just went to the 2D version, and had a heck of a time.  If you are a science fiction fan, you'll want to watch this one at the cinema as due to the large scale of the film, it really is great to see it that way.  Even if you are fortunate enough to have the 52 inch plasma 3D set with the home audio maxed out speakers and such, you still won't get the immersive effect of the theater.  I won't give away story plots or spoilers as I hate that as well.  I think it's fair game to say though that it's a prequel to the Alien franchise of films, and since Scott directed the first Alien film, everything that was spectacular about that film is present here as well.  It has the H. R. Giger landscapes, out of this world sets, costumes, special effects, tension, a good story, and if you're a SF fan, make the effort.  If fact, I enjoyed it so much, if it's still around next week, I'm thinking about going to the 3D version just to compare the two versions.  I think it would be amazing to see in 3D. 


I read an issue of Prehistoric Times magazine.  This is a neat magazine I was unaware of, but ran across someone talking about it on the web, and decided to check out an issue.  I assume they have small print runs and only come out quarterly, however, if you are a dinosaur fan, you probably should check one of them out.  In the new issue they talk about the Top 10 dinosaur fight scenes in movies.  Now I'll admit, there aren't enough cool dinosaur movies around.  I say that as a dinosaur fan.  Once you get past the original King Kong (and it's two remakes), the Jurassic Park movies, the Disney movie, Journey To The Center of the Earth, One Million Years B. C., and a few other prehistoric films, there's not a lot left really that's worth mentioning.  Granted being the dinosaur, monster SF film fan that I am, I can also enjoy stuff like Godzilla, Rodan, and all those crazy Japanese monster films as well, and I even enjoyed Quest for Fire and a few others.  I just wish they'd make more!  At any rate, I thought I'd list the movies that Prehistoric Times thought were their favorite Top 10 dinosaur fight scenes.  For a bit of ground rules, this list is only for fights of dinosaur vs. dinosaur, so it excludes King Kong because he wasn't a dinosaur.  Plus the writer states, they'd already previously done a list in their #75 issue, Top 10 Dino-Movies of All Time, which I haven't seen or read.  I'd like to pick up that issue just to see what they picked, and they mentioned, King Kong makes it onto that list. I'm not going to list all the details of the movie because the magazine article does that, so if you are interested in reading that pick up a copy of the magazine, plus it has a great article in it about the dinosaur artist Charles R. Knight, and has some other art work and articles  in it as well.  It's filled with content.

1. Valley of the Gwangi
2. Jurassic Park
3. Fantasia--the Disney animated film
4. Dinosaur--another Disney animated film
5. One Million Years B.C. (Raquel Welch)--Triceratops vs. Ceratosaurus
6. Jurassic Park III
7. Prehistoric Beast--a short film not a feature length film, I wasn't familiar with it either, however, it can be viewed within the film documentary, Dinosaur! hosted by Christopher Reeve
8. The Animal World--another obscure film title, it's an Irwin Allen documentary
9. Journey to the Beginning of Time--another obscure film from 1955, the stop motion animation is done by Czech Karel Zeman.  Hint: you can find the BBC film, here on YouTube. 
10. One Million Years B.C.--this film also has a fight scene between Pterosaur vs. Pterosaur


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