Sunday, May 27, 2012

A three day weekend has arrived with the coming of Memorial Day, which I know pleases a lot of Americans.  Overall I think Americans are a hard working bunch, a little bit too overworked, when compared to our European friends.  I won't go into any politics on those issues, moreover, I just hope everyone is enjoying a bit more time off with friends and family.

For the most part last week, I was thumbing through a lot of personal paperwork, trying to compartmentalize everything and put it into some sort of order.  That's the boring part of the week.  It's not that hard of a chore to do, just a bit mind numbingly dull.  The upside to the past week is I picked up The Complete Sixth Series set of the Doctor Who DVDs.  It has the new doctor, Matt Smith, on it along with Amy and Rory and other cast.


I've only gotten around to watching the first couple of episodes.  The first disc starts out with A Christmas Carol, which I thought was pretty weak.  I sort of got the idea that this episode might have been a second part or part of a previous story arc from last season.  I haven't been able to keep up with Dr. Who, as the PBS channel doesn't show them anymore.  Whenever they were, I'd catch whatever I could, which wasn't much.  So I'm spotty on the new series.  At any rate, A Christmas Carol, as the title implies is a recreation of the Charles Dicken's story.  For a seasonal Christmas story, I thought it was a weak way to start of the DVD set, but in all fairness, I was doing some other chores and didn't give it full attention either.  That said I found the next story arc about alien invasion better.  Those two episodes were The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon.  The two-parter was a mad mashup of alien invasion by a group of aliens known as The Silence, and the Tardis landing in the White House while President Richard Nixon was president.  It's a rather crazy fast paced couple of episodes, but enjoyable nonetheless.

On Saturdays here on the Me TV Network they still have been showing their SF Saturdays, unless preempted by a sports game.  I've been catching the Star Trek: TOS as it's now entered into Season 2, and I haven't seen some of them, plus I don't own Season 2 on DVD yet either.  So far I've watched Amok Time, where Spock undergoes the Vulcan mating ceremony, The Changeling, where the Enterprise encounters and is held captive by a space probe known as Nomad, The Doomsday Machine, where the Enterprise encounters a giant machine that destroys planets, and last night's episode, The Apple, was about a society of people who are being controlled by a computer or machine.  The Apple was a little cheesy, but since I'd not seen that episode, I enjoyed watching it.


After Star Trek I watch the George Harrison documentary, Living in the Material World, which I'd rented from Netflix.  It's a two DVD set, but I just watched the first DVD as it was getting late.  It's directed by Martin Scorsese, and he's done another great job at directing this rock documentaries.  Being a Beatles fan I really enjoyed it.  It has a lot of early archive footage of them playing in various locations, has early photos of them just starting out with the band, there are also a lot of  interviews and comments by Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Ringo, Yoko Ono, and some early interviews with George Harrison as well, among many others.   Of course it also includes a lot of Beatles music too, so I thought it was fab.


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