Wednesday, May 09, 2012


So Tuesday I woke up a bit late after the storms blew through East Texas.  The power would come back on in my house late in the nighttime hours, and when it did that it caused my answering machine on my phone to *beep* along with my fire alarm, and if I hadn't thought to unplug my TV it would pop on too.  Plus the lights, which I'd left on when the power failure all began the previous night before, came on too.  For the most part I think I pretty much ignored everything as I was sleeping pretty well until around 5am, when the light next too my bed fooled my brain into thinking it was morning or something.  So I get up to shut off all the lights, and since I was already up, might as well take a whiz too, then I get back in bed hoping to catch a few more winks, when now all of a sudden I feel hungry.  I lay in bed for a bit, but couldn't fall back to sleep, so I go ahead and get up and made a banana smoothie, with strawberries, blueberries, and even some mango and yogurt.  I turned on the tube to see if the weather had pretty much wound its way down, and channel surfed for a bit.  At around 6:30am or so, I hopped back in bed, and slept until 10am or so.


When I finally did get up, I reset all the clocks, made some breakfast, washed some clothes, and did a few various other mundane domestic chores.  The day before I had planned on seeing The Avengers movie.  I'm sort of a comic book geek.  I don't buy as many as I used to because they're so costly, but still keep up with the medium as much as I can.  I'll visit web sites and read up on what's the hottest books, and if a movie adaption does fairly well at the box office I'll try to see it at the cinema, or at least rent it from Netflix. So anyway this new Avenger movie seems like it's pretty hot at the box office, and before I wander into any forums and have some blockhead spoil the plot, I figure I better go check it out. 

It was great fun too.  I thought it was a 100% adrenaline rush.  One of my friends likened the movie's storyline to the old Silver Age of comics and how stories used to be told back when he was growing up.  I think that's a pretty good description, but I think there was a enough new updating to keep newer readers and fans happy as well.  Overall it was just an exciting action film.  If you enjoy super heroes or action and adventure films, you definitely want to see it at the cinema.  I just went to the 2D showing, as I'm not too huge a fan of 3D.  I already wear glasses, and although I can fit the 3D specs over my normal eye wear, I still prefer 2D most of the time.

After the movie was over, it was sprinkling rain outside as I left the cinema.  I thought I'd swing by Taco Bell on the way home, and grabbed a couple of tacos.  I was happy to get home as the rain started coming down again harder, and I don't see well at night.  I  got settled around the house, and watched the opening monologue to David Letterman as I ate my tacos.  After that I started channel hopping a little bit and saw one station was showing the movie, The Grudge 2.   I remember watching the first Grudge some time back, and enjoyed it enough, so I was happy to catch the sequel, or at least catch what I could of it until I fell asleep in my chair.  It was a fun, full day. 


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