Saturday, May 05, 2012

Photobucket Saturday was a fairly busy day for me starting out. I woke up early enough, which surprised me as I got in bed rather late last night. I'm more a hoot owl than early bird. Sometimes though I can be both depending on my day. Last night I stayed up watching two SF flicks, and watched an episode of Fringe before that. So I was surprised I got it together so early. Anyway last night, first I watched The Chronicles of Riddick starring Vin Diesel, which was the sequel to Pitch Black (in my opinion the better film, although I enjoyed them both). However, since Pitch Black came out first, I thought AMC should have shown it first, it didn't really matter though, since I'd seen both previously, I'm just saying... I really liked how Pitch Black opened with the crew's ship being hit by meteorites or space debris, which breaches their hull, and caused them to go into emergency mode. They have to crash land on a planet, which is when the mystery begins. But as they are crashing some of their hull gets peeled back, which I thought looked amazing. I'd seen Pitch Black many years ago when it came out at the cinema, so it was neat to watch it again. I'd forgotten quite a bit of the story, and I'd forgotten it starred Claudia Black, which has played in other SF fare like Farscape and Stargate Continuum. Pitch Black is sort of like Alien in that it's sort of is a mash-up of SF and horror, but for me, that just makes it more fun. The Chronicles of Riddick doesn't exactly tie-in closely as a complete follow up, unless I missed something. It does star Vin Diesel as the same character, but doesn't have any back story to the previous film, what he's been doing all the time between the first film and this newer one. It just starts out in full action mode with an intergalatic war between two races of people with Riddick caught in the middle. Actually the sequel isn't written as cohesive or directed as well as it should have been as at times. I would get lost in the story, but it more than makes up for that in the production of the effects, costumes, and so forth. It reminded me of a live action story torn out of the pages of Heavy Metal magazine in some ways. At any rate, I favored Pitch Black just a bit, but enjoyed them both. Anyway Saturday, I got up early and headed out to an estate sale this morning, but didn't come ways with much, not that I needed too. I'm old school so I found a couple of new VHS tapes still in their plastic wrap for a buck a piece, and I'm already using one of them to tape some of the new PBS Sherlock Holmes series onto. The new BBC series is just titled Sherlock, and concerns the British sleuth in modern day Britain. He still has his faithful companion, Watson, but also the modern computers, cell phones, and so froth. If you are a Dr. Who fan, I believe it's directed by the same director, so if you enjoy modern Who, you might enjoy these as well. I also found a used cutting board, which might gross out some people to know that I plan to used a "used" cutting board, but hey, it was super cheap (one dollar), and you CAN clean them up nice, and it sure beats paying $35. for one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond by a mile--plus I'm recycling! And lastly I found an interesting large book, with nice large photos in it, which I'm thinking of cutting up and using some of that for some collage projects, just to dabble with art work again. I've been on messing around looking at art, and has sort of fanned that flame. Cheerio.


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