Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We got a ton of rain last night. It'll probably take another week for parts of that to dry out. In West Texas we didn't ever think much about rain. When the season turned to spring, we got high winds and sand storms. We don't need no stinking rain probably should have been our motto by default. At any rate, I presume the weather will keep most East Texans indoors for the next few days. I went by a coffee cafe over the weekend. A cousin of mine has a boy that was playing folk music there. He is just starting out and still pretty young, though kids that age, don't like to be called young. Nonetheless I consider people around the age of 20ish young. At any rate it was St. Patrick's day, and I drank some coffee and chatted a bit with my cousin. It's funny that you have relatives and you know friends better than most relatives on the family tree. You try to be cordial and friendly and I think for the most part, as long as it's not an extended visit, it's easy enough to do. But you still feel like a friggin' stranger, you know? I guess had I grown up here it might be different.


Anyway I watched The Adventures of Tintin over the weekend. It's the animated movie about a young journalist and his dog, Snowy, that get involved in a mystery concerning a model ship he buys from a street vendor. Immediately a few other people want to buy the ship from him, which he refuses. Eventually the ship is stolen from his property, and like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew goes about investigating it and the mystery surrounding it. I haven't read any of the Tintin graphic novels although I've got one of them around here. I should try and track it down to read. At any rate, the movie has really nice animation and a good story to boot. The previous week I saw Hugo, the Martin Scorsese film that was taken from a children's book (I think). It was done really well too, and the cinematography in it was pretty gorgeous, another rental you might enjoy if you enjoy fantasy and that sort of thing. Both movies really complemented each other.

Sunday I watched the finale of the second season to The Walking Dead. It was a pretty good season, and though a bit slow in pacing, I overall enjoyed it. I've read most of the comics (they are still ongoing), and enjoy them as well. Both the comics and the TV series are a bit different in their storylines, however, still it's fun to see where they both are headed. I also watch Comic Book Men on Sundays too. It's hosted by Kevin Smith and although the manipulation of the show is pretty transparent, it's fun to hear the guys of the show crack jokes and make fun of each other (and some of the customers). I hope it gets picked up for a second season.


Face Off the Syfy Channel's reality show devoted to SF and fantasy prosthetic makeup still is interesting. I enjoy watching the contestants create different characters in their sketch books and then bring those sketches to life. I think it's been a pretty popular show for them, so I hope it gets picked up for a third season. The Syfy Channel also premiered a new series called Monster Man, and I checked out the first episode, but didn't care for it much--too much bickering within the Cleve Hall family. However, you did get to see just a bit of how some of the effects are made, but again it's pretty heavy handed on the family drama. I'd rather see something along the lines of how Starlog magazine would research and present that type thing, and cut out all manufactured drama and such. I just think that angle is overdone in these reality shows and doesn't hold much interest for me. I might try another episode, but I don't have much hope for the series.


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