Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I woke up too early the other day with a headache. They aren't as frequent as they used to be. The only thing I can figure is that there is far less stress in my life now, which I'm daily grateful for, and perhaps diet. I've tried to switch over to generally a vegan diet, or a plant based diet, but on the weekends I'll allow myself to eat anything. So if I want to indulge in a hamburger and fries, I'll go for it. With the new diet I'm trying to find out if I can lower my blood pressure without the general route of taking blood pressure medication on a daily basis. I think sooner or later the doctors know they'll have you on one med or the other before it's all over, but I'd like to push that date further ahead if possible.

So I woke up early, and made some coffee and turned on the tube. I saw where the Me Channel was showing an episode from one of the old Fess Parker, Daniel Boone series. It just so happened that Leonard Nimoy was a playing Oontah, a Seminole indian, in the episode I was watching, which was before his famous role as a Vulcan on Star Trek. I remember watching Parker's Davy Crockett TV series, but due to the timeline of the Daniel Boone series, it escaped me, however, it's fun to see them now. It's not that they are a highwater mark for the arts, they are just fun escapism, but sometimes that satiates my mood pretty easily. The series is fairly corny, with stereotype characters, but somehow interesting as well. I ran across an episode guide, and the site also has fan art and some fan fiction: here.


The last comic I read was Peter Kuper's Stop Forgetting To Remember, which I picked up at Half-Priced Books in Dallas some time ago. I've always enjoyed Kuper's art and semi autobiographical stories. They are along the line of something like Harvey Pekar or Art Spiegelman and other cartoonist who favor human interest stories. His art in Stop Forgetting looks to be drawn, but he has done a variety of multimedia work when illustrating his work and other stories, and at times it has that going on in it as well. As far as the stories, they are about him living in NYC, where I'd guess he still does, and starts out in the present day, working in his office drawing the current volume, then flashes back to other aspects of his life from experimenting with drugs in his youth, to being as a doormat in a previous relationship, to his relationship with other friends, the incident of 9-11, to the pregnancy with his wife, and eventually having his daughter and helping raise her. In short, I rather enjoyed it a lot. I like his art style, and I enjoyed reading the stories too. They have the book and some of his other books over at Amazon pretty cheap if you're so inclined to pick up a copy.


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