Thursday, November 24, 2011


So over the Thanksgiving holidays I made an appointment to get my hernia stitched back up. I wasn't looking forward to it as I've never had any surgery, and since I imagine there would be some sort of pain involved, I wasn't looking forward to that either. But my brother offered to come down and shuttle me around from the hospital to home I thought I better go do this while I'm still halfway able to do it. Then I could mark it off the "to do" list. I had to make an appointment with a doctor of internal medicine, which was recommended from my general doctor. He looked at my condition for a minute and said, "I can take care of that." Since I've never done it before I would have liked for him to be a bit more forthcoming on what was to happen, what was to be expected, a bit of the procedure, but he didn't spell it out completely, and I let it go. But as the time grew nearer, I called back his nurse or the lady that answered his phone and asked her a bunch of questions. As time grew shorter and shorter to the actually time to get it performed, I guess I was in "whatever" mode, and I'll weather whatever it takes. But I at least wanted a ballpark figure to the cost. Don't people demand these answers anymore? I got the feeling they weren't going to mention it at all, but you know, since I was paying... And I had a few other preliminary questions. I was supposed to fast after midnight the day before, and not drink anything after midnight either, which I did. That was about it.


I'd made the actually surgery for Monday November 21st at 5:15am. Actually I think that was done well. I wanted to get it over with early and out of the way, and I could recoup the rest of the day or week or whatever. But at least I would not be starving all day due to fasting, which is literally one of the things I hate doing. Nothing like being on edge and throw on top of it, starving and nervous to boot. Of course they all told me I had high blood pressure and told me I should get that looked into--which I knew already. I'm working on it, I'm just wondering if I can do that through some other option rather than taking medication on a daily basis, I might be somewhat delusional, naive, or just not smart, but I'm trying to loose some weight and see if that will help. If not, I guess I'll go on the meds, even though I don't know that the consensus is totally accurate on whether that helps totally or not. Whatever the consensus, it seems all Americans are on these meds, makes you wonder about our diets at least.


So I go in, shuck my clothing, put on the flimsy robe they make you wear, nervously use the restroom many times even though I had not drunk any water since midnight. Finally a nurse comes and hooks up the IV, and takes my blood pressure and a few vital signs and tells me we're about ready. I know I'm ready by this time to get it over with. She said she'd give me a shot (in the IV), and it would relax me and then we go in the operation room. She does that, and the next thing I knew, I'm being woke up in recovery. Honestly it was that quick. I hardly knew what happened to me, which I'm grateful for. I'm still sore in my groin, and hurts to stretch and use my stomach muscles. I've got pain meds for that. I will say though, I'm all for euthanasia now, and I don't want to be cut on and have parts removed to keep me alive and have some doctor make some bucks off of me. That's bullshit. I think it would be much more merciful to get all your affairs in order, and then pull the switch--of course, that'll never happen. The medical community wants to bleed your saving dry before they'll give you the big send off. Oh well, why dwell on dark thoughts...

Hope your having a good Thanksgiving one and all.


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