Friday, November 25, 2011


My brother drove back to Plano, Tx today. It was pretty weather and aside from the holiday traffic I imagine it was a pleasant ride. Yesterday we watched the Cowboys vs. Miami game, which the Cowboys eked out a win by one point. We had eaten breakfast here at the house, and watched the Macy's parade during that and then most of the game dosing here and there. I still had discomfort over my surgery, particularly when getting up and any movement involving stretching my abdomen. The doctors gave me pain meds and a ice bag to put on time to time and I'm grateful for both, but there's just a certain healing and discomfort period of adjustment as it feels like they sewed some sort of patch inside of me and it still binds and pinches at times. I guess one has to deal with it. That area is still pretty swollen, and without getting to graphic into the whole ordeal, I'll just say it's on the mend, though I don't plan on taking karate lessons anytime soon.

Somewhere after the Cowboy game we got hungry. My brother had sort of planned on going home on Thursday and since he's already slept past the time he meant to leave, and also since we were both getting hungry again, we decided to go eat somewhere. We were limited somewhat with it being Thanksgiving day, but I felt we should be able to find something open somewhere. We drove around for a bit, and settled on a cafeteria place called Allen's that's modeled after Golden Corral restaurant, which turns out, even with the same bland tasting food. Once we got inside we were greeted at our table with just about the worse serving host I can recall in just about all my restaurant going experiences. We noticed that when he walked up to our table his mouth was opening and closing, but there wasn't anything coming out. Granted it was noisy and crowded in the place, but the young Hispanic teenager was truly pathetic. We stared at him further hoping for a translator or something understandable to emerge, and finally a snaggled-toothed woman came up and asked us what we wanted to drink and if we wanted rolls. Once settled and figuring out the routine of the place we went to get food.

We came back started the meal without any rolls. I got up a few times to see if I couldn't track down some sort of rolls perhaps somewhere else, and grab some salad. Quiet speaking, broken English lad passed by a few times and filled my brother's drink, and of course murmured something that neither of us could hear or understand. Truthfully this sort of behavior makes me crazy to the point of wanting to smacking them up side the head and yell, "Speak up, are you that daft?" but I refrained as it was a holiday and assume everyone was on edge too. He came back by and filled up my glass with tea, but without ice, naturally. He said something, and we just starred as his piehole flapping some more. He later collected all the dishes while I ate my dessert, and muttered if we needed any more rolls, which we told him no we were leaving. A few minutes later, he brought a couple of more rolls. I couldn't help but wondered how messed up this guy's future was going to be, as verbal communication is pretty much needed these days, but was so displeased with the experience, didn't care.

We got back home and watched some of the UT vs. the Texas A & M game. It was close and it looked like A & M was going to win it, but UT kicked a field goal in the last fifteen seconds or so, pretty amazing game. My brother and I mouthed nondiscernible dialogue to each other as on ongoing joke.


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