Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Man walks into a bar, orders a drink, the bartender says, "What's up chum, why so glum?"
The man says, "No reason, really, I guess I should be happy, but my boy just had an operation, so I was a bit stressed."
The bartender says, "Sorry to hear that, how'd it go?"
The man says, "Well, my boy was born without any eyelids, so when we took him into the hospital to get him circumcised, we had some of the skin removed from his penis grafted on for his eyelids."
Bartender goes, "I'd never heard of that, how'd it go?"
The man says, "I think he's fine now, the doctors just said he'd be a little cockeyed." (drum snare)

Comedians, gotta love 'em, right? I think we all need a good laugh from time to time. I think we all like different styles and have different thresholds for comedy, which might, I suspect have something to do with what generation you are born in. I come from an older generation growing up as a child watching the Ed Sullivan theater on Sunday nights after church. The comedians were different as was the Jackie Gleason Show, The Andy Griffin Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and so on. Even on the variety shows like Andy Williams, Glen Campbell show, The Smothers Brothers show, or even shows like the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, they'd sprinkle in a little stand up. Over the years it's gotten more risque, and some of it I don't mind, and others I find offensive. Like I said, I guess it all depends on your threshold for taste or bawdy, blue humor.

I think some of my favorites are ones that aren't quite as lewd like Jerry Seinfeld or Woody Allen, who do observational humor yet do it without stooping to toilet humor. I think that's actually harder to write and convey on stage. But at the same time I do like to hear George Carlin, Andrew Dice Clay, Chris Rock, Dave Attell, Sam Kinison that can get pretty outrageous and blue too. Again, it all depends on one's taste.

I thought I'd share a link I found to a series of podcast on comedians, which has interviews with them and so forth on it. I just downloaded the Andrew Dice Clay and the Bobcat Goldthwaite ones, and there are many more that are free. There are a few that, if interested, are premium ones and you have to pay for them available on iTunes and at the WTF website. They cost $2.99. I haven't downloaded these, but if you are so inclined you might want to check out the Louis CK and the Robin Williams episodes, which Ive heard were great. The Louis CK is a two part episode running at two hours.

Here's a link: WTF.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Kitty Penknife said...

I listen to the nerdist podcast (free on itunes) for comedy and all good nerdy stuff. It's hosted by Chris Hardwick and his sidekicks, Matt and Jonah Ray. They are comedians so they often have comedians on ther show. I highly recommend it. Warning: it can get a bit sweary, but they're nice lads.

At 7:51 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Kitty--I haven't fully discover iTunes totally yet, although I downloaded it specifically for the podcast stuff. There's another one I've written about elsewhere on the blog, it's the www.sidebarnation.com podcast. You'll really like it as they interview a lot of comic artist and writers. I really like it too. Lots of good stuff over there.

I just went over there and they have some new ones: Kyle Baker--too cool. I really love all that stuff. Wow, computers really enhanced our life, eh? Thanks for stopping by.


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