Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've been doing various stuff around the house lately, which has kept me busy. One of my projects has been to put some covers over the gutters running around the roof of my house to keep out all the debris, pine needles, leaves, etc. from dropping into them. Why I got the wild hair to do this in 100 plus degree heat escapes me, I'll just call it bad timing. But I finally finished it up Monday, which I was grateful. I went by Lowe's early on and finished buying the last of the covers that I thought I needed, and waited a bit until the evening to get out and finish the job. It got dark and the sun set, but I was determined to finish as they'd predicted a bit of rain. So I dug out a flashlight to finish. I'm glad I did. We need more rain in this area, it's been pretty bone dry for our season, but with the rain that we did get the other day, it seems the covers did their job.

Sunday I watched TNT's two hour premier of the television series Falling Skies. It was okay, but I wouldn't say much beyond that. It was your typical alien invasion film. Since I'm a fan of such fare, of course, I'm a sucker to watch it, but the whole while it played, I wondered why these formula type films have a market. There have been many films about alien invasion since the 50's, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, War of the Worlds, The Thing from Another World, take your pick.


The theme is hardly a new one. That said though, I'm glad that there's another ongoing SF series on TV. There's too many crime shows, detective shows, or just poorly written sitcoms for me. That's why as bad as most reality shows might be, there are a few like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, or even Survivor (although last season was pretty weak) that I'll watch and enjoy. But back to SF and alien invasion...

Falling Skies was just okay for a premier, it certainly didn't leave me with the impression: This is great, I need to remember to watch it next week. It certainly wasn't as strange a series or as well written as Fringe, or didn't set up as well as the X-Files did, it didn't have the odd cultural angle like Alien Nation. I think to breathe new life into this rather old formula the writers of Falling Skies have their work cut out for them. There was a series some years back that I thought was well executed and the premier of it was way more exciting, and that was Threshold. Unfortunately Threshold got booted off the air before it could finish the plots that I'm sure they'd wanted. I think it ran for two seasons.

Falling Skies by comparisons seemed pretty mundane. It didn't seemed to have any outstanding characters either, as much as I like Noah Wyle, he played an adequate father figure, and perhaps his role will expand to a greater one, but the writers are really going to have to amp it up to achieve that. There were some neat effects and alien-looking creatures, but the tone of the series seemed too melodramatic for my taste--sort of soap operatic. So I guess I'll tune in next week and see what happens. I still haven't gotten down to the cinema to see Super 8, which I have intentions of doing. I think it's one of those SF films that would be cool to watch on the big screen. Tonight on the TCM channel they'll be showing older SF fare like It Came From Beneath the Sea, The Monster That Challenged The World, etc. so I'll be tuning into that for a bit. There's a pretty interesting site, called TV Worth Watching, if you're into that sort of thing, here's a link.


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